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From Jeff Chan <>
Subject Re: Announcing SpamCopURI 0.08 support of SURBL for spam URI domain tests
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 23:00:34 GMT
After announcing SpamCopURI + SURBL on an ISP-internal newsgroup
we got the following positive response, followed by our reply:

On Sat, 03 Apr 2004 08:29:11 GMT, Daniel wrote:
I read your posting and thought I'd give it a try.  [...]
17 hits in the last 20 minutes!  And my site is relatively low volume 
(~4000 messages/day).  Congratulations on what appears to be an 
effective spam countermeasure.  I've given it a score of 3 for now.  
If it's ok with you, I'd like to mention it on the MailScanner mailing list
(how I run spamassassin,  There are some 
people who run large servers there, can your nameservers handle 
more load?  

kleinsi AT sonic

Here's a sample of what it caught for me in the first 29 minutes, all
definite spams:

Date/Time       Subject
3/4/2004 0:01   "Cia.lis,Lipitor,Soma Specia| Of.fers! Tb"
3/4/2004 0:00   "rates will go up, Act Now!"
2/4/2004 23:59  Find Sexy Singles
2/4/2004 23:59  Enjoy The Status of Platinum
2/4/2004 23:58  Fwd: No Forms. Medicines Available.
2/4/2004 23:58  "Bob, Extended Warranty Protection for your vehicle"
2/4/2004 23:55  Su.per Dis.count of 90%! vwqhh wly v qd
2/4/2004 23:55  "WinXP, Office, Autodesk, Adobe OEM sale - all under
99$ per CD from Esparza's SoftShop"
2/4/2004 23:55  huge gaps
2/4/2004 23:54  You get More for half the price!
2/4/2004 23:53  Need quick cash until your next payday?
2/4/2004 23:53  Special Promotion Sildenafil Citrate (6) 50mg. doses
FREE Consultation
2/4/2004 23:51  Re: Life Ins. for Your Lmfe Frke Quotes
2/4/2004 23:51  Re: Life Ins. for Your Lmfe Frke Quotes
2/4/2004 23:51  Your love life will be better than his
2/4/2004 23:50  Your love life will be better than his
2/4/2004 23:49  Change your love life forever
2/4/2004 23:47  "You can look and feel younger,make 2004 your year"
2/4/2004 23:47  "rates will go up, Act Now!"
2/4/2004 23:43  Fully Stocked Online Ph)armacy!
2/4/2004 23:41  Sav.e $1000-$1500 per month
2/4/2004 23:41  delft filmy
2/4/2004 23:41  Enjoy The Status of Platinum
2/4/2004 23:40  Best Term Life Insurance rates guaranteed
2/4/2004 23:34  Re: Are you lonely?
2/4/2004 23:33  Fwd:Fwd: Individual Life Ins. Frëe Quotes
2/4/2004 23:33  Passion should last forever

Thanks very much for your feedback Daniel!  We'd be honored if you'd
mention SURBL and SpamCopURI on your mailing list and hope other
people will give it a try also.  As Kelsey mentions above, Sonic is
providing some secondary DNS for SURBL, and if things take off
we may want to recruit some more secondary name servers.

In addition to seeking more volunteer name server secondaries, 
we could probably also use some coding help on a SA 3.0 plugin to 
use SURBL.  If someone wants to try that or even an MTA update to
use it, that would be great too.  I can be reached at:

  jeffc at surbl dot org

Also if anyone spots any false positives, please contact us

  whitelist at surbl dot org

so we can update our whitelists.
Jeff Chan

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