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From Marc Perkel <>
Subject Re: False Positives on FORGED_DEF_WHITELIST
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 12:13:55 GMT
Let me see if I can find the message. But - suppose someone has a 
secondary store and forward server - then if the main server goes down 
and the secondar server gets it - and then the main server comes up and 
transfers it to the main server - then the last server it comes from is 
the secondary server.

I was just wondering if you check all the received lines or just the 
last one?

Sidney Markowitz wrote:

> Marc Perkel wrote:
>> Been getting false Positives on FORGED_DEF_WHITELIST rule on mail 
>> comibg from paypal.
> Can you open a Bugzilla ticket and attach the headers from an example? 
> (deleting private info is ok for this, and I don't need the body)
> I wrote the rule recently and I can well believe that there is a bug 
> that I missed.
> The theory is that any address on the default whitelist is only sent 
> from a mail server in its domain. If you read the doc I wrote on it 
> you'll see that there is a way to specify that it is not the case for 
> a specific whitelist entry, but I've never seen PayPal mail that 
> doesn't get sent through a mail server.
>  -- sidney

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