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Subject [Bug 2991] spamd processes get stuck, eating all processor time
Date Sun, 04 Apr 2004 23:08:28 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-04-04 16:08 -------
I am having the same problem as well, it started with version 2.63, and as I 
couldn't see anything in the log files even with the -D flag, I tried moving 
to the latest Devel version, and the problem is still there, my first thought 
was a memory leak, but stopping spamd and starting it again doesn't fix this 
problem, I have to reboot.

while spamd is hanging, I noticed that spamassassin, spamc and sa-learn all 
give segmentation faults without any explanations, I looked for locked files 
to see if it was a locking problem but it wasn't. 

Any suggestions? for now, my best guess is that some malformed message header  
is causing this behaviour, I also ran it locally with the -L flag to make sure 
it wasn't caused by a bad network reply, but that didn't help. This crash 
happens almost once every 24 hours. mail just keeps going through untouched 
until I reboot.

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