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Subject [Bug 3238] Score below 10 is not zero-padded causes bad sorting
Date Sun, 04 Apr 2004 18:32:03 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-04-04 11:32 -------
I was very positive we didn't do this, but sure enough in the 2.[56]x code:

    if ($self->{conf}->{rewrite_subject}) {
      my $subject = $self->{msg}->get_header("Subject") || '';
      my $tag = $self->{conf}->{subject_tag};
      $tag =~ s/_HITS_/sprintf("%05.2f", $self->{hits})/e;
      $tag =~ s/_REQD_/sprintf("%05.2f", $self->{conf}->{required_hits})/e;

I'm not quite sure why we did it that way in 2.6x since we had the Tags code for 
the other headers already...  In 3.0, the Tags stuff is the way everything 
works, including the Subject header.  The new version is:

  my $score  = sprintf("%2.1f", $self->{score});

So #1: the 3.0 method is more correct, as it uses the same code everything else 
does.  #2: should we allow some method of passing in the printf format string, 
or something similar?  ie:  _HITS(05.2f)_, or _HITS(1)_ (where 0 is 2.1, and 1 
is 05.2)?


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