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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Spamassassin Wiki] Update of "TxRep" by Ivo Truxa
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 19:54:39 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "TxRep" page has been changed by Ivo Truxa:

  ## page was copied from AutoWhitelist
- = The Auto-WhiteList =
+ = The TxRep - Reputation Plugin =
  == Introduction ==
@@ -36, +36 @@

  == How do I whitelist/blacklist someone? ==
- Not with the this!  This is a automatic heuristic system.
- You want to use the manual whitelist/blacklist.  See ManualWhitelist.
- ==== Previous version implementation ====
- In 3.3, the plugin is not loaded by default.
- In 3.1, it is a plugin, loaded by default in the file {{{v310.pre}}}.
- In 3.0, it is enabled by default and turned off with the configuration setting {{{use_auto_whitelist
- In earlier versions, it is enabled using the -a flag to spamassassin or spamd.
  ==== Utility ====
@@ -65, +54 @@

   This is useful when a spammer sends one or more ham messages before sending spam.
  Newer version is available at Besides
other enhancements, it offers the possibility to dump, expire, or delete records by multiple
criteria, including regexes. There is no online document describing all the new features,
but the command line help and the integrated changelog give detailed information about them
(sa-heatu -h resp. sa-heatu --changelog).
- ----
- == Discussion ==
- DGerman says: " Notice that I have avoided the use of the string '''autowhiteList''' where
- Even if "we were there first", this it is more than  whitelisting."
- TODO: verify example calculation, verify auto_whitelist_factor and show default
- Most other products use an '''AutoWhitelist''' as ''automation'' of a ''manual whitelist'',
which is created and/or maintained by monitoring outgoing email to '''add entries to a whitelist'''
without a need for human intervention. In essence, rather than adjusting a ''sender's average
score'', as in '''SpamAssassin''', most other products literally ''automate'' the addition
of names to the manual whitelist. Because '''autowhitelist-ing''' is an industry standard
term for automation of a '''whitelist''', this feature in SpamAssassin should be re-named
to better align with what it actual does, such as maybe '''''AutoReScore'''''? In essence,
be aware the term ''AutoWhitelist'' means something else on most (if not all) other anti-spam
products. -- JDR
- SpamAssassin has been using the term "autowhitelist" for this feature since about 2001 --
I think we were there first ;) -- jmason
- From "the name is a misnomer. The AutoWhitelist
is designed as an automatic score averaging system." Maybe score averaging system? -Roger
- It seems to me that this would be the place to document the default value of '''auto_whitelist_factor'''.
I gather from other sources that it's 0.5. -- DanielNorton
- Yes, the default auto_whitelist_factor is indeed 0.5, as described in the documentation
at [[|Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::AWL
auto_whitelist_factor]]. -- [[Khopesh|Adam Katz]]
- As to how it faces users, the description can be overridden in the configuration.  My ([[Khopesh|Adam
Katz]]) production systems redescribe AWL so as to remove the confusion:
- {{{describe AWL    Adjust score towards average for this sender}}}

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