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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Spamassassin Wiki] Update of "ResendingMailWithHeaders" by KarstenDambekalns
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 09:05:35 GMT
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The following page has been changed by KarstenDambekalns:

The comment on the change is:
Added instructions for Apple Mail

  Note that for all redirections, you'll want to clear away all To: and Cc: entries and then
add to the To:, in order to avoid resending the spam to another victim.
   * '''AOL's integrated email client''': Redirecting mail is not available. (Dave Goldsmith)

+  * '''Apple Mail''': Select the message, go to the "Message" menu, choose redirect, fill
in the address, and choose send. (KarstenDambekalns)
   * '''Eudora''': Select the message, go to the "Message" menu, choose redirect, fill in
the address, and choose send. (BrianCorcoran and ErikWheeler) 
   * '''Evolution''': Select the message. In the "Actions" menu, choose the "Forward" submenu
(not "Forward message", the "Forward" submenu). Pick "Redirect", fill in the "To" field, and
press "Send". (JohannesUllrich)
   * '''Novell !GroupWise''': Note the current (as of this writing) version of !GroupWise
is v6.5. In general, the stock !GroupWise client can't "bounce" a message, because the message
has been converted to the internal !GroupWise format (i.e. no longer in SMTP format). One
workaround would be to write a !GroupWise C3PO (Custom 3rd-Party Object - see
to add this functionality to the client. Using the stock client, to pass a SPAM (or HAM) message
along to a collection point, use Forward as Attachment to send it from !GroupWise (select
the message, Actions menu, Forward as Attachment; type in the address and click on Send).
At the receiving end, you'll need a Procmail recipe (or similar tool) to delete the headers
down to the string "message/rfc822" plus the blank line after it. All the header info is preserved
by !GroupWise (through the hidden "system attachment" Mime.822). Note that older, unsupported
versions of !GroupWise either d
 on't support IMAP (v5.2 and earlier) or don't support it well (v5.5/v5.5EP); this support
is much-improved in v6.5. Finally, the !GroupWise system includes a Trusted Application API
(see with which you could implement a more-direct
connection to SA. Here is an example .procmailrc I use for user "spam" (please note it's my
first and only ever effort at these things!):

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