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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Spamassassin Wiki] Update of "CustomRulesets" by DuncanFindlay
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 16:47:40 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by DuncanFindlay:

The comment on the change is: gives 404, fix link to GEE Whiz

  Note: These rules are based on the English language, due to the number of rules that can
be triggered, problem have been reported by exim users that it can cause the header to go
over the byte limit of the exim header limits, also MS Outlook can have problems with rules
that look for "message headers" due to a unknown size limit in the amount of headers it will
  Sample Results:  MasscheckTripwire (Version 1.17)
- ''' 1&2''' [[BR]]
- weeds looks for alphabet decimal and hex characters, lower and uppercase. [[BR]]
- Created by: Jennifer Wheeler[[BR]]
- Contact: TBD [[BR]]
- License Type: TBD [[BR]]
- Status: '''Locked''' [[BR]]
- Auto-update: '''No''' [[BR]]
- Available at: or set 2 at:
- Mirror: [][[BR]]
- More information on Jennifer's rules: [[BR]]
- '''NOTE: Early versions of Rules Du Jour included this set in it's default config.  This
set is now considered "stable" and is no longer actively updated.  Please do not use auto-update
- Note: Weeds2 is a more restrictive set, DO NOT run both sets at the same time.[[BR]]
- Sample Results:  MasscheckWeeds (Version 1.0, 2003-11-13)
  '''French Rules''' [[BR]]
  Catches spams written in French.[[BR]]
  Created by: Maxime Ritter[[BR]]
@@ -215, +200 @@

  Contact: [[BR]]
  License Type: GPL [[BR]]
  Status: '''Active''' [[BR]]
- Available at: [|GEE
Whiz Chinese Ruleset] [[BR]]
+ Available at: [
GEE Whiz Chinese Ruleset] [[BR]]
  More detail: [] [[BR]]
  Note : Rules are masschecked by CCERT.[[BR]]
  Sample Results:  MasscheckGeeWhizChineseRuleset

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