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Subject [SpamAssassin Wiki] Updated: UsingAnAccountForLearning
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 08:21:29 GMT
   Date: 2004-07-07T01:21:29
   Editor: DanKohn <>
   Wiki: SpamAssassin Wiki
   Page: UsingAnAccountForLearning

   Orphan page, replaced by link to ProcmailToForwardMail

Change Log:

@@ -1,14 +1 @@
-= Can I set up an account for users to forward mail to for learning? =
-Not in any easy way that works for most mail clients.
-The basic problem is that the forwarded message won't be the same as the original message.
This is especially true of the message headers, and SpamAssassin's Bayes engine does learn
from headers. Most forwarding mechanisms also modify the body.
-If your users have a mail client that can forward a copy of the verbatim original message,
including headers, as an attachment you might be in luck. In theory you can create an automated
account that would strip the attachments off and feed those to sa-learn.
-Also some mail clients have a redirect or bounce feature, and some of those will actually
send the message along without any significant modification. You'll have to test your specific
mail client to be sure.
-However, none of this is just as quick and simple as setting up a quick procmail rule and
having your users just forward messages. 
-Maybe see: This has details on how to setup an
account that users can simply forward spam/ham to. (It uses a perl script as the transport
which strips out header stuff....)
+Orphan page, replaced by link to ProcmailToForwardMail.

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