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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.1 available
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 20:22:05 GMT
On behalf of the project, I am pleased to announce the release of Apache 
SpamAssassin v3.4.1.

Downloads are available at


Release Notes -- Apache SpamAssassin -- Version 3.4.1


Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.1 represents more than a year of development
and nearly 500 tweaks, changes, upgrades and bug fixes over the previous
release. Highlights include: Improved automation to help combat spammers
that are abusing new top level domains; Tweaks to the SPF support to
block more spoofed emails; Increased character set normalization to
make rules easier to develop, block more international spam and stop
spammers from using alternate character sets to bypass tests;
Continued refinement to the native IPv6 support; and Improved Bayesian
classification with better debugging and attachment hashing.

Many thanks to the committers, contributors, rule testers, mass checkers,
and code testers who have made this release possible.  And please
recognize Joe Quinn for stepping up in the role of an assistant
Release Manager.

Notable features:

New plugins

There are three new plugins added with this release:


The TxRep (Reputation) plugin is designed as a substantially improved
replacement of the AWL plugin. It adjusts the final message spam score
by looking up and taking in consideration the reputation of the sender.
It cannot coexist with the old AWL plugin, which must be disabled when
the TxRep is loaded.

The PDFInfo plugin helps detecting spam with attached PDF files.

The URILocalBL plugin creates some new rule test types, such as
"uri_block_cc", "uri_block_cidr", and "uri_block_isp".  These rules
apply to the URIs found in the HTML portion of a message, i.e.
<a href=...> markup.

All these three plugins are disabled by default. To enable, uncomment
the loadplugin configuration options in file v341.pre, or add them to
some local .pre file such as local.pre .

Plugins are documented in their respective man pages.

Notable changes

A new subsystem RegistryBoundaries for recognizing and updating a list
of top-level domains and registry boundaries has been introduced, which
allows dynamically updating both lists through rule updates instead of
having them hard-wired in the code.

A subroutine Node::_normalize has been rewritten. The new behavior
is documented with the 'normalize_charset' option in the
Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf man page. (Bug 7144, Bug 7126, Bug 7133)

Tokenization of UTF-8 -encoded or normalized text has been improved
in the Bayes plugin. (Bug 7130, Bug 7135, Bug 7141)

SHA1 digests of all MIME parts (including non-textual) can now be
contributed to Bayes tokens, which allows the bayes classifier to assess
also the non-textual content. The set of sources of bayes tokens is
configurable with a new configuration option 'bayes_token_sources'
as documented in the Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf man page. (Bug 7115)
It is disabled by default for backward compatibility.

New configuration options

The 'normalize_charset' configuration option already existed in previous
versions, but functionality has been re-implemented with more emphasis
on the declared character set of each textual MIME part, instead of
relying on guesswork by Encode::Detect::Detector. When enabled, non-UTF8
textual parts of a mail message are decoded into Unicode and re-encoded
into UTF-8 before passing them to HTML decoding and to rules processing.
This makes it easier to write regular expressions and strings in rules
using UTF-8 encoding, and allows plugins (such as tokenization in a
Bayes plugin) to recognize multibyte characters and words in non-English
languages, instead of 'randomly' considering some non-ASCII octets in
multibyte characters as delimiters. Please see documentation for this
configuration option in the Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf man page.

A new configuration option 'bayes_token_sources' allows more control
on the sources of tokens for the Bayes plugin. For compatibility the
default set of sources is unchanged, but consider:
     bayes_token_sources all
or: bayes_token_sources mimepart
to include SHA1 digests of all MIME parts in a message as Bayes tokens.
Please see documentation for this option in the Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf
man page.

A new configuration option 'dkim_minimum_key_bits' with a default value
of 1024 bits now controls the smallest size of a signing key (in bits)
for a valid signature to be considered for whitelisting. Please see
documentation for this option in the Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DKIM
man page.

A new configuration option 'parse_dkim_uris' allows DKIM header fields
to be parsed for URIs and to be processed alongside other URIs found in
the body.

A configuration option 'dns_server' can now specify a scoped link-local
IPv6 address, e.g.:  dns_server [fe80::1%lo0]:53 .

The configuration option 'check_rbl_from_domain' checks all domain names
in a From mail address as an alternative to check_rbl_from_host. As of
v3.4.1, it has been improved to include a subtest for a specific octet.

The 'if (boolean perl expression)' now accepts 'perl_version' in the
expression. The 'perl_version' will be replaced with the version number
of the currently-running perl engine. Another way of testing perl
version in a conditional of a configuration file is:
   if can(Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::perl_min_version_5010000)
Please see documentation in the Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf man page.

A flag 'noawl' was added to the 'tflags' configuration option.

Two new template tags were added:
_SENDERDOMAIN_ expands to a domain name of the envelope sender address
_AUTHORDOMAIN_ expands to a domain name of the author address (the From
    header field), lowercased;  note that RFC 5322 allows a mail message
    to have multiple authors - currently only the domain name of the
    first email address is returned

Notable Internal changes

Mail::SpamAssassin::Util::RegistrarBoundaries is being replaced by
Mail::SpamAssassin::RegistryBoundaries so that new TLDs can be updated
via delivered via sa-update.

The $VALID_TLDS_RE global in registrar boundaries is deprecated but kept
for third-party plugin compatibility.  It may be removed in a future
release. See Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::FreeMail for an example of the
new way of abtaining a valid list of TLDs.

The following functions and variables will be removed in the next
release after 3.4.1 excepting any emergency break/fix releases
immediately after 3.4.1:

This change should only affect 3rd party plugin authors who will need
to update their code to utilize Mail::SpamAssassin::RegistryBoundaries.

In module Mail::SpamAssassin::PerMsgStatus two new methods were added:

   After a mail message has been checked, this method can be called.
   It will return a pointer to a hash for rule & score pairs for all
   the symbolic test names and individual scores of the tests which
   were triggered by the mail.

   After a mail message has been checked, this method can be called.
   It will return a comma-separated string of rule=score pairs for all
   the symbolic test names and individual scores of the tests which
   were triggered by the mail.

Rule updates

Many rules were added or modified, or their score adjusted.
Some of these are (in no particular order):

   __RAND_HEADER, __SUBJECT_UTF8_B_ENCODED, unsubscribe URI to IP addr.,
   advance_fee, lotsa_money, exploratory tagged-URI, pumpdump, optout,
   moving money rules (very short 419 fraud spams), new phrase rules,
   PDFinfo, protect some test rules with can(perl_min_version_5010000),
   test rules to detect SPF queries that produce error results,
   various unsubscribe rules, freshen and extend phishing rules,
   added missing eval:check_uri_host_in_* rules, check for references
   to compromised WordPress sites, other wordpress rules, some Cyrillic
   and Hebrew obfuscations that were overlooked, avoid Japanese-language
   false-positives, added

Some rules were removed or disabled, either because of ineffectiveness,
or duplication with other rules, or due to false positives. Some of
these are (in no particular order):

   defunct AHBL rules, obsoleted FSL rules from,
   obsoleted rules in, perl-5.8-hostile rule,
   removed duplicate domains in

Other updates

Documentation was updated or enhanced. Project's testing and evaluation
hosts and tools running on the ASF infrastructure were updated.

A list of top-level domains in registrar boundaries was updated
several times (cw, sx, club,, util_rb_2tld, ...). TLD updating
process was improved, tests to account for new TLDs and changes were
updated, TLD update in build/README was clarified for SA releases,
RFC 2606: invalid TLD used in testing was changed to '.invalid' .


Bug 7150: Allow scoped IP address in the dns_server config option

Util::TinyRedis: allow a scoped / link-local IP address specification
(avoid current limitation in IO::Socket::IP [ #89608])

SPF max DNS terms was raised to 15 to accomodate for eBay SPF records

Bug 7136: added has_check_for_spf_errors and if can() encapsulation

Bug 7128: DCC plugin now uses IO::Socket::IP instead of IO::Socket::INET6


Bug 7068: added rule and code to count Unicode entities

Bug 7052: moved module Net::DNS::Nameserver to optional since it is
just used in make test

cleaned up on httpd.conf

minor debugging improvement in Plugin::TextCat

Plugin/AskDNS: additional debug logging

Bug 7107: added "perl_min_version_5010000" for preprocessor conditionals

Cleaned up documentation and removed rule name parameter that was not
needed on the rule

more informative DNS debugging output

added new install docs to MANIFEST

improvements for disabled plugins


writing speed of large temporary files was improved by using a larger
buffer and avoiding PerlIO - MS::PerMsgStatus::create_fulltext_tmpfile()

unnecessary copying was avoided when reading from a temporary file
in SA::Message::Node (small optimization)

a small hotspot in was optimized

use faster utf8::encode instead of Encode::encode_utf8

changed fillfactor for postgres bayes/awl tables to optimize for updates

disabled synchronous commit for Postgres Bayes store

Notable bug fixes

Adjusted for Yahoo! using subnet 238.0.0./8 in Received headers

Bug 6751: certain character sets can use alternate characters for
a period and bypass DNSBL checks

Bug 7153: prevent leaking of messages to stderr in

Bug 7143: use eval instead of regex to fix MakeMaker version

Bug 7148: small getopt.c change

added a workaround to Node::_normalize for an Encode::decode taint
laundering bug [ #84879]

Bug 7141: Bayes truncates ('skip') long tokens on bytes, should it
count characters instead?

Bug 7140: fixed DKIM/SPF Insecure dependency in require

Bug 7130: Bayes tokenization mangles/chops many UTF-8 words with
accented, Cyrillic etc. letters - inappropriately assuming ISO-8859

Bug 7130: disable TOKENIZE_LONG_8BIT_SEQS_AS_TUPLES, seems redundant
and useless with TOKENIZE_LONG_8BIT_SEQS_AS_UTF8_CHARS, e.g. turned
each Cyrillic letter of longer words into an individual token

Bug 7133: Revisiting Bug 4046 - HTML::Parser: Parsing of undecoded UTF-8
will give garbage when decoding entities

fixed missing case for permerror in From SPF

Bug 7136: modified 25_spf.t and reverted reversion in
from previous rc1 work

Bug 7135: Bayes tokenizer 'arbitrarily' breaks multibyte CJK UTF-8
characters into digrams instead of breaking on UTF-8 character

Bug 7126: Incorrect character set detections by normalize_charset

Bug 7125: MIME parsing of nested messages must not treat parts like
delivery-status or disposition-notification as message/rfc822

Bug 6953: spamd: could not create IO::Socket::INET6 socket
on [::]:783: Address already in use

Bug 7106: a failed IPv6 socket creation blocks creating an IPv4 socket

Bug 7124: DKIM: RFC 6376 - Signers MUST use RSA keys of
at least 1024 bits

Bug 7120: Perl Critic exemption
Bug 7119: Perl::Critic: ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions
reverted critic recommendations to fix undef warning, Removed undef
returns for perlcritic test

Bug 5399: fixed MS::Util::parse_content_type, dots are allowed in
Content-Type (a fix to Bug 5399 was too strict)

fixed SA::Util::qp_decode for compliance with RFC 2045 (trailing
whitespace must be deleted before decoding)

Bug 7063: removing sawampersand

Bug 7111: sa-update: wrong exit code with --checkonly (does not find
new versions)

Bug 7030: BayesStore/ authentication doesn't work with
Redis 2.6 and earlier

Bug 7103: bad wget option causes the first fetch of third-party rules
channel to fail

fixed uribl matching on email addresses with commas after them

Bug 6919: added 'dedicated' to list of static IP indicators

fixed POD error caused by trailing whitespace

hacked PHP URI tuning

added askdns to known debug facilities

expansion of replace tags for more characters

avoid a perl 5.21 warning: Negative repeat count does nothing

added more UTF-8 Unicode obfuscation variants

removed non AV/filter headers

set headers which may provide inappropriate cues to the Bayesian

Plugin/HeaderEval: header field names are case-insensitive

Bug 7074, sa-update: improved error reporting of a failed spawned

db_id not initialized, || -> ||=

renamed __freemail_hdr_replyto to __smf_freemail_hdr_replyto avoiding
name collision

changed bayes_auto_learn_threshold_nonspam -1.0

MS::Plugin::AskDNS - avoid warning on undef in eq when a DNS response
has no answer section

Bug 7079: hide the Geo::IP warning

Bug 7078: Mail::Spamassassin::Message::Node::header() error - normalize
line endings in header, not just in body

Bug 7060: allow excluding domains instead of individual hosts

avoid a warning: Use of uninitialized value $pgm in concatenation
Plugin/, line 915

Bug 7070: added rbl_timeout_min so that t_min for rbl_timeout applies
even without a zone

Bug 7065: debug mode breaks Bayes but only if DBM storage is used

added code for check_for_ascii_text_illegal in MIMEEval and added
test rule to sandbox

added Cyrillic and Armenian glyphs in UTF-8 encoding to single-letter
replace tags

Bug 7034: leaks file descriptors when preforking - avoid
creating a circular data structure through a closure

allow an "=" char in a redis password

added verbose to sync to sa2 zones server

added plugin to trunk for testing, updating MANIFEST
and v341.pre file as well as optional dependencies with Net::CIDR::Lite
and Geo::IP

fixed DNS resolving with Net::DNS 0.76

changes in Spamhaus DBL DNSBL return codes as per

fixing issues with extract_to_rsync_dir

having issues with this sandbox rule failing make test
TEST_FILES="t/basic_lint.t t/basic_lint_without_sandbox.t t/basic_meta.t"

fixed escaping where perl was called from bash using bash variables for

fixed the interpreter to reference /bin/bash instead of /usr/bin/bash

fixing the masses Makefile for pgapack for linux on new spamassassin-vm
centos box

Bug 7052: a fix for Net::DNS::Nameserver dependency on CentOS systems

fix to install v341.pre file

Bug 7050: fixed _DATE_ template tag by use of an anonymous sub,
calling Util::time_to_rfc822_date() explicitly without any argument

fixed newline collapse harming excessive whitespace rules

added max_connections=100 as a safety feature

fixed $self

added get_names_of_tests_hit_with_scores_hash,
get_names_of_tests_hit_with_scores functions to PMS along
with trivial fixing of triggered being misspelled.

uridnsbl_skip_domain (the russian facebook)

fixed wrong plugin in IF

Bug 7032: added tflag for noawl

If a subrule is in an if block, ensure it appears in an else block to
avoid breaking dependent rules. Fixed some rules depending on subrules
in if blocks in other sandboxes so they don't break if the conditional
check suppresses that subrule.

Bug 6994: small change for systems with ACLs in testing

fixed SQLBasedAddrList re-learning

frequently seen domains on

added windows-1251 to likely FP list

Bug 7024: check_rbl_from_host/check_rbl_from_domain/check_rbl_envfrom
did not support the subtest functionality.  Fixed and removed
has_check_rbl_from_domain as pointless now.

Bug 7018: fixed misspelling on Razor configuration item

Bug 7005: sa_compile.t test failures with MacPorts' perl - safe quoting

use Config to get path when non-standard sitebin is set

Bug 7015: fixed untaint var bug

Bug 7013: added a small fix for bayes_auto_learn_on not working
with BAYES_999

Bug 7000: dnsbl_subtests.t hangs on Windows

Bug 7008: fixed CPAN Parsing

added eval for testing a quoted printable ratio for spaminess

fixed SA version check

Bug 7004: Test suite fails when using FreeBSD's 'script' utility

Downloading and availability

Downloads are available from:

md5sum of archive files:

0db5d27d7b782ff5eadee12b95eae84c  Mail-SpamAssassin-3.4.1.tar.bz2
76eca1f38c11635d319e62c26d5b034b  Mail-SpamAssassin-3.4.1.tar.gz
4a1cbafbee2d0ae8c4f2f9ac05b4b3aa Mail-SpamAssassin-rules-3.4.1.r1675274.tgz

sha1sum of archive files:

ddd62c5ab376554b0110b8fdc84f3508ea590659 Mail-SpamAssassin-3.4.1.tar.bz2
e7b342d30f4983f70f4234480b489ccc7d2aa615 Mail-SpamAssassin-3.4.1.tar.gz

Note that the *-rules-*.tar.gz files are only necessary if you cannot,
or do not wish to, run "sa-update" after install to download the latest
fresh rules.

See the INSTALL and UPGRADE files in the distribution for important
installation notes.

GPG Verification Procedure
The release files also have a .asc accompanying them.  The file serves
as an external GPG signature for the given release file.  The signing
key is available via the key server, as well as

The key information is:

pub   4096R/F7D39814 2009-12-02
        Key fingerprint = D809 9BC7 9E17 D7E4 9BC2  1E31 FDE5 2F40 F7D3 
uid                  SpamAssassin Project Management Committee 
uid                  SpamAssassin Signing Key (Code Signing Key, 
replacement for 1024D/265FA05B) <>
sub   4096R/7B3265A5 2009-12-02

To verify a release file, download the file with the accompanying .asc
file and run the following commands:

   gpg --verbose --keyserver --recv-key F7D39814
   gpg --verify Mail-SpamAssassin-3.4.1.tar.bz2.asc
   gpg --fingerprint F7D39814

Then verify that the key matches the signature.

Note that older versions of gnupg may not be able to complete the steps
above. Specifically, GnuPG v1.0.6, 1.0.7 & 1.2.6 failed while v1.4.11
worked flawlessly.

See for more information
on verifying Apache releases.

About Apache SpamAssassin

Apache SpamAssassin is a mature, widely-deployed open source project
that serves as a mail filter to identify spam. SpamAssassin uses a
variety of mechanisms including mail header and text analysis, Bayesian
filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases. In
addition, Apache SpamAssassin has a modular architecture that allows
other technologies to be quickly incorporated as an addition or as a
replacement for existing methods.

Apache SpamAssassin typically runs on a server, classifies and labels
spam before it reaches your mailbox, while allowing other components of
a mail system to act on its results.

Most of the Apache SpamAssassin is written in Perl, with heavily
traversed code paths carefully optimized. Benefits are portability,
robustness and facilitated maintenance. It can run on a wide variety of
POSIX platforms.

The server and the Perl library feels at home on Unix and Linux platforms
and reportedly also works on MS Windows systems under ActivePerl.

For more information, visit

About The Apache Software Foundation

Established in 1999, The Apache Software Foundation provides
organizational, legal, and financial support for more than 100
freely-available, collaboratively-developed Open Source projects. The
pragmatic Apache License enables individual and commercial users to
easily deploy Apache software; the Foundation's intellectual property
framework limits the legal exposure of its 2,500+ contributors.

For more information, visit

Kevin A. McGrail
VP & Chair, Apache SpamAssassin Project Management Committee

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