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From Daniel Quinlan <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: ApacheCon US 2004 (SpamAssassin Sessions!)
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 20:05:20 GMT
ApacheCon US 2004

  Alexis Park Resort
  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  13-17 November 2004

  The Apache Software Foundation invites you to ApacheCon U.S. 2004.

  "The only sure thing in Las Vegas"


  Please click on the 'Registry' link at the top of
  <>. You will need to log in to the site; if you
  have never done so before, you will need to create an account. If you
  already have an account in the ApacheCon system, please do not create
  another one!

Presentations and Tutorials

  All normal presentations, keynotes, and special events will be held
  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (November 15-17). The three days at
  ApacheCon provide you with a choice of more than 65 talks.

  The special in-depth tutorials will be held Saturday and Sunday (November
  13-14). You can choose between 18 different tutorials.

SpamAssassin Sessions!

  There will be three SpamAssassin sessions at ApacheCon 2004.  There will
  be one 3-hour tutorial and two 1-hour talks on SpamAssassin.

  T09: SpamAssassin Tutorial

    Day: Sun
    Time: 09h00
    Session chair: None assigned
    Duration: 180 minutes
    Style: Tutorial
    Level: Novice
    Audience: Technical
    Categories: Anti-Spam, New Technologies, Performance, Perl
    Speaker: Daniel Quinlan

	SpamAssassin is perhaps the most widely deployed anti-spam tool in
	the world and has long been the gold standard for spam filters. It's
	open source, extensible, flexible, and very effective. This tutorial
	will give you the tools you need to make SpamAssassin work well for
	your site and your users.

	Topics covered will include: how SpamAssassin works and the
	SpamAssassin filtering model, SpamAssassin installation and set-up,
	writing your own rules, debugging problems, analysis and
	diagnostics, optimizing SpamAssassin performance, the development
	process, and how to get involved. Also discussed will be current
	anti-spam best practices that are important for both senders and
	receivers of email.

  MO09: New and upcoming features in SpamAssassin v3

    Day: Mon
    Time: 13h30
    Session chair: None assigned
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Style: Presentation
    Level: Novice
    Audience: Technical
    Categories: Anti-Spam, New Technologies
    Speaker: Theo Van Dinter

	Almost a year in the making, SpamAssassin v3.0 includes a large
	number of modifications and new features. This session covers the
	major changes and features found in v3.0, and will also include
	discussion about ongoing work for v3.1 and beyond.

  MO13: Storing SpamAssassin User Data in SQL Databases

    Day: Mon
    Time: 14h30
    Session chair: None assigned
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Style: Presentation
    Level: Experienced
    Audience: Technical
    Categories: Anti-Spam, Databases, New Technologies, Performance, Perl
    Speaker: Michael Parker

	With the release of SpamAssassin 3.0.0 virtually all user specific
	data (preferences, AWL and bayes) can be stored in a SQL
	database. This session will cover basic setup, usage and maintenance
	of storing data in a SQL database as well as some convenient tools
	to help. In addition, there will be some discussion about the
	development process and design along with future directions of the
	SQL based storage for SpamAssassin.

Daniel Quinlan

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