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From Felix Meschberger <>
Subject Re: Component Configuration troubles
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 15:45:50 GMT

Am 23.02.2012 um 11:51 schrieb Markus Joschko:

>>> I have an issue with the configuration for a component. I can
>>> configure the component perfectly fine through the web console
>>> configuration.
>>> I see that the configuration is written in
>>> /apps/sling/config/ and the jcr:data property has the
>>> correct value.
>>> However when I restart launchpad, the configuration admin shows me an
>>> empty dialog and states: "Unbound or new configuration"
>> Looks like the consumer bundle is not active, which provides the meta type description
(which is the reason for the empty dialg (empty meaning no fields, right?))
> No. I see the fields but they are empty respective filled with the
> default values.

That is extremely strange: The configuration in the repository is only visible after it has
been stored in the Configuration Admin service (in the ${sling.home}/config folder). As such
this configuration should really exist and be persisted.

And as such it should also exist after restart.

> Searching through my bundles I can't find a bundle that has "consumer"
> in its name...

By "consumer bundle" I meant the bundle which has the component provided with the configuration.

>> [Side note: If you update the web console to the latest trunk build you might be
able to see the fields derived from the actual property values].
>> In addition it looks like the configuration is not really assigned to a component
(which is was the "Unbound or new configuration" says).
> It is assigned for the first time I explicitly configure it. Only it
> gets not reapplied after a restart.

This all indicates that the configuration does not really exist, which is actually strange.

Is there something going on that removes this configuration -- somehow ?


>>> The configuration in the repository is still there but it is obviously
>>> not picked up.
>>> I changed some other components configuration and this worked
>>> perfectly fine. However the configuration of this component is not
>>> written in the repository but directly below
>>> the sling/felix/config directory in the filesystem.
>>> I have no idea what makes the one component special. And I also have
>>> no idea how to provide a more meaningful failure description.
>>> There are no errors or whatever in the log.
>>> Any idea where to start? Why is one configuration stored in the
>>> filesystem and one in the sling repo?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Markus

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