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From Ian Boston <>
Subject Re: additional sudoers?
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 02:07:39 GMT
Hmm, Interesting because the underlying content system used by OAE
does not support impersonation [1] (I should know, I wrote it, but
then I do forget things from time to time :)).

I guess that when the custom UserManager is created by Jackrabbit its
already impersonating the user, which doesn't exactly conform to the
"impersonate but dont become" standard used in Sling.

Just check that when you update a content item in oae, not Jackrabbit
with a POST it gets the lastModifiedBy field set to the user you are
impersonating. If it does, you are impersonating. There might be some
other evidence of impersonation.

Note, this is now Sakai OAE specific and not the way to do it in Sling

To allow user X to impersonate user Y, I think user X needs to have
one of the principals that user Y has listed in its "impersonators"
property. That principal can be a group X is a member of or the user X
principal. You can set using the user manager as admin or the user

The UpdateUserServlet in Sling should allow you to set that property
if you are allowed to write to the User in question.

In Jackrabbit the property is "rep:impersonators", which may be
protected to admin write only.(?)

There is a grantImpersonation and denyImpersonation method in the
Impersonator API, however I am not sure how to invoke that via REST. I
can't find any calls to that method within Sling itself.


On 27 February 2012 11:31, Nate Angell <> wrote:
> Thanks Ian!
> We have already been using what I take to be standard Sling
> impersonation in OAE, which for the admin user at least seems to work
> OOTB now.
> What I'm poking at is trying to give another user the same sudo
> capabilities admin has now. Adding a user to the administrators group
> in OAE does not seem to grant that special power ;(
> Perhaps some digging into the areas you provided would address the
> issue. What I've been trying to locate is how one would give another
> user sudo powers in a standard sling context, as it appears that at
> least the admin user already has that capability (and it magically
> works in OAE).
> = Nate
> On Feb 26, 2012, at 3:57 PM, Ian Boston <> wrote:
>> Nate,
>> Sakai OAE uses a custom Jackrabbit UserManager implementation and a
>> patched version of Jackrabbit, so impersonation may or may not work. I
>> don't think anyone has tried.
>> Also, I don't think that the non-jackrabbit content system under Sakai
>> OAE  supports impersonation, at least, not in the same way Jackrabbit
>> supports impersonation and since I suspect you want to impersonate
>> operations on that content system as well as the Jackrabbit JCR
>> repository, you may have to do some work.
>> The LoginModule[1] responds to the request to impersonate a user by
>> looking in the target users impersonator field to grant or not
>> impersonation, but there appears to be no modification of the non
>> jackrabbit session to make it impersonate.
>> Setting, and unsetting:
>> You can do this directly via the Jackrabbit Impersonation impl you
>> have in Sakai OAE [2], or by setting the appropriate properties in the
>> Sakai OAE user object.
>> If you were using a stock Apache Sling ontop of an unmodified version
>> of Jackrabbit I think you would need to, grant impersonation against
>> the Jackrabbit user, and then write a authentication handler that
>> created credentials implementing the Impersonation callback. See the
>> standard LoginModule implementation in Sling.
>> Sorry, that's not a great deal of help.
>> Ian
>> 1
>> 2
>> On 27 February 2012 09:13, Nate Angell <> wrote:
>>> I'm working with Sakai OAE, a platform built on Apache Sling.
>>> I understand how the root admin identity can sudo as another user, but
>>> I've been trying to figure out how one might make additional users
>>> also be able to sudo.
>>> Can someone point me to some documentation or a hint about whether
>>> this is possible, and if so, how?
>>> Thanks!
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>>> Sakai Product Manager
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