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From "David G." <>
Subject sling:OsgiConfig - Setting multi-values
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 15:00:16 GMT
I am trying to set multi-value properties for Sling Services. I have
N web sites, and each web site needs to specificy a set of values, and
ultimately I need the union of these values to be applied to the
service. I would like to use sling:OsgiConfig nodes to specify these
values, so they can be easily persisted across servers.

For example:

-	path = [“/site1”, “/siteOne”]

-	path = [“/site2”, “/siteTwo”]

-	path = [“/site3”, “/siteThree”, “/vanity”]

When all three sites are deployed the Sling Config Mgr would list out:

-	/site1
-	/siteOne
-	/site2
-	/siteTwo
-	/site3
-	/siteThree
-	/vanity

Is this possible? Or would I have to make a “common” apps where these
“shared” service configs are stored.

Also,  the only way I was able to set even 1 set of multi value
properties for a sling service on a sling:OsgiConfig node was

-	path = [“foo”, “bar”]
-	path.0 = “ignore-me”
Is there a more proper way to do this?

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