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From Jithesh A P <>
Subject issue with usermanager-ui sample
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 21:26:04 GMT

I am trying to use the usermanager-UI provided in the samples. Accessing it thru /system/userManager.html,
shows the page, if i click on users and click on "A", it throws the error below (the bolded
error after the mail).

Just to let you all know, i am using apache sling 6 and running the standalone jar. when i
had pushed the usermanager-ui bundle it did not start up as it needed JCR API 2.2, which i
downloaded and updated the bundle.

I also tried a html.esp and tried to do the findauthorizables like this

 var jcrSession = request.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(Packages.javax.jcr.Session);
 var userManager =;

 searchResults = userManager.getAuthorizables("jithesh"); - this also breaks at this point
and says cannot find function findAuthorizables

So i feel something to do at findauthorizables etc. I am not a java person so it would be
great if someone can point me on what to do here.

Wrapped Failure running script /libs/sling/userManager/searchresult.html.esp:;)Ljava/util/Iterator;
(/libs/sling/users/searchresult.html.esp#23) (500)
The requested URL /system/userManager/user.searchresult.html resulted in an error in /libs/sling/userManager/searchresult.html.esp.
org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped
Failure running script /libs/sling/userManager/searchresult.html.esp:;)Ljava/util/Iterator;
(/libs/sling/users/searchresult.html.esp#23) at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.throwAsScriptRuntimeEx(
at org.mozilla.javascript.MemberBox.invoke( 

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