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From Justin Edelson <>
Subject Re: scripting with proper module system?
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 19:12:55 GMT
On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 2:45 PM, sam ” <> wrote:
> Hey,
> Is there a scripting support with proper module system (import modules from
> repository somewhere)?
> I know JSP can <%@page import=""%> .
> But, the "module" for JSP should be written in Java.. and deployed to felix
> as an OSGi bundle  (or the jar could be added to CLASSPATH somewhere).

This is not true. It's certainly possible to write OSGi bundles which
contain non-Java code. Not sure about Clojure or Jython, but you can
definitely do this with Scala, Groovy, and JRuby without much drama.

> What I want is to develop entire application NOT using Java, in the
> repository.
> For example,  in Python, I want to:
>      import
> and it'll import  /var/pymodules/some/module/foo/      or
> something..

I don't follow Jython, so I can't say how feasible it is to get the
runtime to load files from the repository rather than the file system.
I tried to get the JRuby team to add better support for loading
RubyGems from other bundles, but they weren't interested.

> Looking at:
> none of scripting support seems to have that capability.
> Has anyone used/developed proper scripting support sling  (for any
> language.. groovy, python, clojure.. etc), where you entirely ditched Java
> development?
> If so, what is your experience?  What is your development envirionment
> like?  (step debugging, IDE..etc).  Is your scripting support open sourced?
> Or, if I want to develop web application using scripting languages
> (non-Java),  should I just use some other framework than Sling, and talk to
> JCR through HTTP or something?

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