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From Ian Boston <>
Subject Re: Reloading initial content
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 17:08:22 GMT
I have checked this now and the problem is not due to the ContentLoader but due to the Launchpad.
In fact I dont think there is a problem with the Launchpad, just our MANIFEST.

Loading of new bundles based on the modification timestamp of the Launchpad jar does not appear
to be happening, I think this is becuause we have incorrectly set out launchpad version to
2.2.0 instead of 0.10-SNAPSHOT.

If we had a SNAPSHOT version the launchpad would look at the modification timestamp of the
jar, at the moment it says

13.01.2011 16:19:58.712 *INFO* [main] Existing launcher is up to date, using it: 2.2.0 (


On 13 Jan 2011, at 03:04, Carl Hall wrote:

> I'm working to update a build for production by building up a new launchpad
> project and starting the updated jar against the previous data.  I've
> noticed that even with overwrite:=true or overwriteProperties:=true, initial
> content is not reloaded even when a new version of a bundle is
> introduced.  Through
> a few rounds of debugging, I found in the code [1] that isUpdated or
> contentAlreadyLoaded seem to be the keys to loading the content on server
> start.
> For a bundle named "great-bundle", I've found that I can set a property in
> JCR, /var/sling/bundle-content/great-bundle/content-loaded = false, and am
> able to load initial content from an updated bundle on server start.  While
> I've found that I can delete or remove this property in JCR to do what I
> want, is this the suggested way of updating initial content from a new
> launchpad application jar?
> 1
> :
> line 157

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