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From Konrad Windszus <>
Subject Re: issues switching to bnd baseline maven plugin
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2019 20:54:10 GMT
Hi Stefan,

> Am 01.11.2019 um 11:56 schrieb Stefan Seifert <>:
> i've started migrating my first non-trivial projects to parent 35 including bnd-maven-plugin
and ran in some issues:
> 1. bnd-baseline-maven-plugin demands for package version increases where it's not appropriate
> - in [1] i switched to bnd maven plugins (1st commit in this branch)
> - if I compile the project the baseline plugin wants to raise the last digit in the package,
it complains that null annotations where added to several methods
> - but: these annotations where already present in the previous release baseline was comparing
> - the problem can be solved by just incrementing the package versions (2nd commit), but
this does not seem to like a proper solution
> - and will it do the same for future releases?
The code base for the actual base lining is in bnd (for both maven plug-ins). Therefore for
the same underlying bnd version both should emit the same recommendations. Try upgrading to
version 4.3 and otherwise please create a bug for bnd.

> 2. i'm missing the very nice console output of the baseline check for the maven-bundle-plugin
> - the bnd-baseline-maven-plugin by default just outputs the error messages "version xy
needs to be increased to z", but not the detail info what was changed
> - the documentation lists a fullReport config flag [2] which outputs the necessary infos
(although in a format that is not so nice readable as the maven-bundle-plugin)
> - reading the documentation the plugin should output this information also without setting
fullReport to true, and not if everything is ok. but in reality it outputs the info in error
case only if this flag is set to true, and never is everything is ok (which is sad, I found
it useful to inspect the chan

> ges even if the build is running fine)
I agree. Should we set fullReport to true in the upcoming parent?

> 3. no warning in case of "excessive version increase"
> - unlike the maven-bundle-plugin the bnd-baseline-maven-plugin does not seem to any longer
output a warning if a package version is increased accidentally to a higher number than required
(e.g. to 1.0.2 instead of 1.0.1)
Please create a bug at bnd for that.
> 4. we already know the open issue about the bundle version checking [3]
> did you encounter these issues as well? this makes me a bit hesitating on pressing migration
from maven-bundle-plugin to the bnd maven plugins.
> stefan
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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