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From Stefan Seifert <>
Subject RE: issues switching to bnd baseline maven plugin
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2019 21:55:04 GMT

>> 2. i'm missing the very nice console output of the baseline check for
>the maven-bundle-plugin
>> - the bnd-baseline-maven-plugin by default just outputs the error
>messages "version xy needs to be increased to z", but not the detail info
>what was changed
>> - the documentation lists a fullReport config flag [2] which outputs
>the necessary infos (although in a format that is not so nice readable as
>the maven-bundle-plugin)
>> - reading the documentation the plugin should output this information
>also without setting fullReport to true, and not if everything is ok. but
>in reality it outputs the info in error case only if this flag is set to
>true, and never is everything is ok (which is sad, I found it useful to
>inspect the chan
>> ges even if the build is running fine)
>I agree. Should we set fullReport to true in the upcoming parent?

this is not very helpful either. i've created a new issue for asking to take over the very
good baseline command line reporting from the maven-bundle-plugin to the bnd baseline plugin


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