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From Stefan Seifert <>
Subject [hackathon] Sling Packager / npm tooling
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2019 13:55:59 GMT
- up to now we have no sling module that ends up in the npm registry - the sling packager is
the first one
- we need to clarify the technical details how to deploy the npm package on npm registry
- an organization in NPM should be used, e.g. "apache-sling"
- ci testing could be done by adding a maven pom in the sling package which setups a sling
test instance and executes the npm integration tests from maven (using one of the available
maven nodejs plugins)
- publishing releases in npm registry has to be done manually (until we find a way to automate
it in the CI)
- how do wie manage credentials for the npm registry?
- probably we should use the existing process for maven releases and staging in the Apache
Nexus for npm projects as well for release and voting process - and then add an additional
publish step to the NPM registry
  - will it then additionally end up in the maven repository?
- probably we should look at the apache openwhisk project - they have lot of npm releases,
how do they do it?


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