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From Andreas Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Sling Feature Maven Plugin Aggregate Features is not creating a File in 1.0.2/1.0.3-SNAPSHOT
Date Sat, 25 May 2019 19:23:32 GMT
Hi Carsten

Thanks, adding the attach-features execution and move the analyze-features to default lifecycle
phase did the trick.

That said I am running now into an issue with a launchpad.api dependency during the analyze-features:

[ERROR] Bundle is importing package(s) in start level 0 but no bundle is exporting these for that
start level.
[ERROR] Bundle is importing package(s)
in start level 0 but no bundle is exporting these for that start level.

Even when I ignore these errors the launch will fail because it cannot obtain the OSGi dependencies.

I got sling with feature models to work but now I am back where I cannot log in anymore. I
need to fix something in the PM to FM Converter (Repoinit must be of type TEXT and not JSON)
and then I will update the sling-feature-model-starter project with the changes.

- Andy

> On May 24, 2019, at 5:28 PM, Carsten Ziegeler <> wrote:
> For my little project (just using the files include) it works. This is the reference
for configuring:
> Everything is optional, specifying a classifier must be enough; if that's not working
anymore that's clearly a bug.
> Now, the aggregated feature is not written to disk by the aggregation itself. If you
have a project of type slingosgifeature it will be written to disk as part of attach feature
mojo. If your project is of a different type, you need to configure the attach mojo
> Regards
> Carsten
> Andreas Schaefer wrote
>> Hi
>> I am running into an issue with 'sling-slingfeature-maven-plugin’ where the ‘aggregate-features’
is not writing a file.
>> Unfortunately I cannot find an up to date example on how to use it (the site is not
having any configuration example) and so I tried to figure out from the code but could not
find or pin point the location where the file is written to the file system.
>> I have my FM files inside src/main/features and have this plugin configuration:
>>             <plugin>
>>                 <groupId></groupId>
>>                 <artifactId>slingfeature-maven-plugin</artifactId>
>>                 <version>1.0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
>>                 <extensions>true</extensions>
>>                 <executions>
>>                     <execution>
>>                         <id>aggregate-base-feature</id>
>>                         <phase>generate-resources</phase>
>>                         <goals>
>>                             <goal>aggregate-features</goal>
>>                         </goals>
>>                         <configuration>
>>                             <aggregates>
>>                                 <aggregate>
>>                                     <classifier>example-runtime</classifier>
>>                                     <filesInclude>**/*.json</filesInclude>
>> <!--                                    <markAsComplete>true</markAsComplete>-->
>> <!--                                    <frameworkPropertiesOverrides>-->
>>                                         <!-- Framework property overrides go here
>> <!--                                        <org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation>javax.*</org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation>-->
>> <!--                                    </frameworkPropertiesOverrides>-->
>>                                 </aggregate>
>>                             </aggregates>
>>                         </configuration>
>>                     </execution>
>>                 </executions>
>>             </plugin>
>> This is my target after running ‘mvn clean generate-sources’:
>> /target
>> 	/maven-shared-archive-resources
>> 	/sling-slingfeature-maven-plugin-fmtmp
>> The folder 'sling-slingfeature-maven-plugin-fmtmp’ is empty.
>> There are a few things that are odd. Because I specify a classifier the ‘filesInclude’
is not optional (anymore?), also the features property is not a file but rather a relative
path to the baseDir (src/main/my-feature works but not ${project.basedir}/src/main/my-feature).
>> The configuration from the site generation is missing in my opinion a good example
for the configuration and aggregates config element is not documented.
>> If anyone can point to the location where the aggravated file should be written to
the file system I can further investigate it or is that not working this way anymore.
>> Cheers - Andy Schaefer
> --
> Carsten Ziegeler
> Adobe Research Switzerland

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