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From Georg Henzler <>
Subject [DISCUSS] How to move on with Health Checks in Sling
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2019 16:50:14 GMT
Hi all,

after the vote last October [1] the Health Checks are now available in 
Felix [2]. I would suggest the following steps to resolve [3]:

1. Release the current API bundle with a fully deprecated API (so 
everyone upgrading to the latest version is pointed to a required 
2. Write a migration guide (replacing most information on page [4])
3. The bundles HC core HC web console are not needed anymore. I would 
just empty the repositories for now and link to the migration guide in a 
README file [4]
4. The bundle HC support is used for Sling specific HC features that 
don't fit elsewhere, e.g. the ScriptableHealthCheck that is using the 
Sling ScriptEngineManager which is not available in Felix (but normally 
HCs go into the module they check, see 5.)
5. Adjust all Sling modules that come with HCs to use the new Felix API
6. Adjust the sling starter with a setup that will both support the 
deprecated Sling API and the new Felix API (using Sling HC API and Felix 
HC API side by side with the Felix HC Core achieves exactly that)

Is everybody happy with this approach? Do you see any pitfalls?

Best Regards





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