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From Stefan Seifert <>
Subject [hackathon] flagging sling modules as deprecated/contrib
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2018 16:42:18 GMT
- current contrib/deprecated state maintained in [1]
- status explanations pages missing e.g. [2]

- we currently have not process when a module should be marked as deprecated - here is a proposal:
  - export statistics on module usage (downloads) from maven central statistics
  - mark modules as deprecated that have both low usage and no committers willing to actively
maintain it
  - there is no "attic" any more, so labeling the module as deprecated is equivalent to attic
  - this deprecation check should be done roughly once a year for all non-deprecated modules

- the "contrib" flag is difficult to understand what it should mean - we propose to rename
  - it should be renamed to "experimental"
  - modules labeled as experimental (or currently "contrib") must never be included in the
sling starter
  - (contrib modules currently includes in starter have to be removed or "un-contribbed")
  - the meaning of "experimental" is: not indented for production use, use on your own risk,
probably not well maintained

- our sling download page [3] should reflect the deprecated or contrib status of the modules
  - this page is the one page users detect most easily, and they should know when the module
is not part of the "core"



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