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From Stefan Seifert <>
Subject [hackathon] making it easier to contribute
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2018 16:59:12 GMT
- our current contributing [1] page is very outdated - we have to update it 
- search over all sling git repos is difficult currently - possible solutions which all have
some drawbacks
  - search via - this does not seem to work properly (does not find
all occurences), perhaps needs to be rechecked
  - git submodules - drawback is we need a module list file that to be updated manually (Jenkins
job would do, but ASF does not allow Jenkins job pushing thinks to the git repo without having
a real committer involved)
  - repo-checkout all modules locally and search in filesystem - cumbersome for a quick search

- committer & contributor statistics can be found on:
  - login with demo user
  - set sub-filter to: sling-(?!site)
  - (excluding sling-site to avoiding tons html file counting in the stats)
- be careful when merging external contributions into the sling codebase to keep the authorship
information of the contributor in git history
- define PR template in github with link to contribution hints in sling site, annotation best
practices etc.
  - include manual steps to be checked before contributing that are not checked by the build



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