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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Switch from JSR-305 annotations to Jetbrains Annotations for all Sling Models
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2018 06:01:25 GMT
I did a similar exercise for the Apache Felix Http bundles and although
the script did not work for me, a simple find/replace for the two
annotations did the trick.

I think we're discussing three things here in parallel:

a) which annotations we should use

b) should we change existing usage

c) how to deal with existing releases

I have the feeling that for a) we all agree that the jetbrains
annotations are the preferred way. Therefore once the vote is over we
should go ahead adjust our parent pom, release it.

For b), I think we should definitely change existing usage in our source
code after we did a) and replace it. Hopefully someone is able to run
the script (or comes up with a working one).

Finally we have different options for c). I personally think if we have
done a) and b), then simply doing a release of all modules is the way to
go. We're working on some of the affected modules anywhay, so a release
will happen soon and for the others its not that much of a big deal,
especially if we can spread the process amongst some of us.


Stefan Seifert wrote
> as recently discussed in SLING-7312 and the mailing list the JSR-305 annotations for
null-analysis (javax.annotations) we are currently using break our compatibility with Java
9. the problem is that JSR-305 was never accepted and thus it's hard and troublesome to use
them in Java 9 (see [1]). there are several alternatives for nullable annotations with good
tool support, but some of them (e.g. findbugs/spotbugs annotations) use a license not fully
compatible with the apache license (discussed in [2]).
> the jackrabbit/oak team has decided to switch to jetbrains annotations [3][4][5] and
developed some tooling to ease the migration. although coming from the manufacturer of IntelliJ
there is wide tool support for them e.g. in FindBugs/SpotBugs, Sonar and can be configured
in Eclipse as well.
> i've created a ticket [6] to describe the steps we need to go and which sling modules
are affected. this ticket is about to get a consensus that the jetbrains annotations are the
way we want to go.
> benefits:
> - removes a blocker from achieving Java 9 compatibility
> - same annotations as used by jackrabbit/oak
> - tooling for migration available
> - jetbrains annotations use apache 2.0 license
> - wide-spread tooling support for jetbrains annotations (which would not be the case
if we develop our own annotations)
> drawbacks:
> - the jetbrains annotations include some more (mostly IntelliJ-specific) annotations
than only the nullable annotations
> - the jetbrains annotations are no "standard annotations"
> Please vote to approve switching to Jetbrains Annotations:
>   [ ] +1 Switch to Jetbrains Annotations
>   [ ]  0 Don't care
>   [ ] -1 Don't switch to Jetbrains Annotations
> stefan
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
Carsten Ziegeler
Adobe Research Switzerland

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