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From Jason E Bailey <>
Subject Re: Upgrade a site to a new version of Sling
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2018 13:18:57 GMT
Really, there's so much to this response. I'll try to be as short as possible just to delineate

1. **Start thinking of Sling as Product**
2. Define what should be in the product
3. Change how we handle the individual bundles, categorize them better, make the javadoc available
for each bundle directly from the website.

Sling Start is effectively the Sling release.

Scenario for a Sling Start product.

1. A major release of Sling Start occurs
2. Sling Start is branched for that release.
3. Any minor changes to bundles that are added to master can also be added to that release
branch, after a certain amount of bug fixes a release of that branch can occur. And we'd have
a point release. A major bundle change would not go into the release branch, only the master
branch for the next major release of Sling Start.

I wouldn't say that every bundle update needs to have a release of Sling Start. But if we've
done a release and something doesn't work in that release, then yes that deserves another
release to occur. It should be a given to someone coming to the site that if they download
a release that the functionality that we promise is there and working correctly.

It also might make sense to have multiple releases representing different needs. One that
is just core necessities, another that has example content, another that is tailored for need

If we have a product centered release, it would be easier for someone downstream to build
on top of it. Although I appreciate and get that launchpad directly should be used by some
products, there's a lot of custom knowledge that someone would have to have to do. 

- Jason

On Wed, Aug 1, 2018, at 1:03 PM, Robert Munteanu wrote:
> On Wed, 2018-08-01 at 08:24 -0400, Jason E Bailey wrote:
> > I would love to see someone create a supported Sling release, kinda
> > like CRX back in the day. One that you could go to and download and
> > you know you're getting a stable set of bundles, and that will do
> > point releases if a bug is discovered. That sort of thing.
> In Sling all releases are going forward. It's rare that we do
> maintenance branches. Actually, I think we only have it for the Sling
> mocks and for the IDE tooling, so no actual bundles.
> The fix is always "pick up the most recent version of the bundle". In
> terms of that, we could technically release the Sling Starter as well,
> but that is a lot of overhead.
> How would you see a stable Sling (Starter?) product approached?
> Thanks,
> Robert

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