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From Georg Henzler <>
Subject Re: /etc/map with Placeholders for farms / dev stack
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2018 22:32:44 GMT
Hi Ruben,

> ... may not be the best solution as it would imply a package install
> every time a change to the configs are necessary

Updating upon changes is an whole own challenge for your approach -
if resource change listeners only react on changes of placeholder
strings (e.g. 'mystr-${myVar}') because that's the only thing saved
in the JCR and replacement is done across various Sling modules,
there needs to be a new mechanism to listen to changes to property
changes (for the case the value of ${myVar} changes in the previous

> Not sure if maybe this would need a bigger spec to continue the work
> and alignment on what everybody would like to see

I think this would be good. Maybe best to collect goals and non-goals
on a wiki page at [1]



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