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From Jason E Bailey <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION][API][PROPOSAL] Adding Stream<Resource> generator to Sling API
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2018 17:31:42 GMT

- Jason

On Mon, Jun 4, 2018, at 12:35 PM, Daniel Klco wrote:

> Rather than having another parameter, what about providing a
> ResourceChildrenPredicate? Based on the current API it looks like you'd
> have to provide the current resource to make this work, but it seems like
> it would be very useful to have a predicate which would only allow for both
> direct children or children up to a particular depth. I'd see it useful to
> provide 2-3 different default predicates to help with common activities:
> ResourceChildrenPredicate - filter the stream of resources based on their
> child status
> ResourceTypePredicate - filter the stream of resource based on their
> resource type
> ValuePredicate - filter the stream of resources based on a value in the
> resource's ValueMap

Funny you should mention this. The original ResourceStream object came from the whiteboard
streams project. Which has a whole package  dedicated to defining static predicates. There's
even an expression languages in their as well. However, for filtering, there's already a filter
method that a Stream provides. It's redundant to have a pre-filtered stream.

However, as a limitation on the stream, you can do the same thing. It would something like




maxDepth being a static method that you've imported from the appropriate library that provides
a Predicate

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