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From Karl Pauls <>
Subject Re: [proposal][osgi][scripting] redesigned scripts deployment and resolution
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2018 13:29:28 GMT
On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 12:11 PM, Ioan Eugen Stan <> wrote:
> Hello Radu,
> I've read the project description and I like the direction in which you
> are going. I believe being able to add constraints to code will make
> things more clear.
> I do wish to ask something: I like the idea described in Sling in 15 min
> [1]. I believe it's a very powerful way of developing pages and working
> only on layout. Is this something that is going to go away?

I doubt it :-)

> Will I be forced to push scripts only via a bundle?

No, for now this is a pure add-on that will not impact anything but
allow you to push scripts via bundles as well (in which case you get
the ability to version your scripts and have them have dependencies).

> If that is so, I
> might suggest a solution where we can add Require/Provide to a JCR node
> of a special type and that might be deployed as a bundle. I imagine that
> such a node will mostly nly Require and not Provide a lot of things
> since it's goal would be to render Pages.
> I hope I understood correctly the issue and I'm not barking up the wrong
> tree :).

I think the point here is that while the current way of having scripts
in the repository is great for some things, it has drawbacks in some
other areas (mostly when it comes to deployment and maintainability).
This is an attempt to marry the two by still allowing you the former
and providing an optional solution for the latter while maintaining
full interoperability.



> Regards,
> [1]
> On 26.04.2018 12:34, Radu Cotescu wrote:
>> Hello Sling devs,
>> Karl and I have been working for the past weeks on a new scripting prototype that
we've now pushed to the Whiteboard [1]. The module is an add-on that allows developers to
deploy scripts through bundles, with the following core features:
>> standalone module that doesn't require any changes in Sling's current APIs
>> bundles that provide scripts are wired to this add-on and then the add-on registers
servlets on behalf of the scripting bundles (one servlet / script)
>> resource types can now be versioned (they're expressed as OSGi capabilities)
>> resource types can have explicit dependencies to other resource types, and everything
is controlled by the wiring provided by the OSGi framework
>> For the full details please check the documentation provided at [1]. We're very interested
in your opinions about this module, since we’d like to integrate it into the next Sling
Starter release.
>> Thanks,
>> Radu and Karl
>> [1] - <>

Karl Pauls

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