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From Andreas Schaefer <>
Subject Sling Tooling IDE and IntelliJ
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2017 23:42:53 GMT

Last and this year I am working on a IntelliJ Plugin to help develop Sling / AEM
projects. Since the start I ran into issue with the Sling Tooling IDE code base
as the code is geared towards Eclipse and its use of OSGi. Despite several
tries to come up with a resolution to create a code base that would work equally
all for IntelliJ and Eclipse there was not progress made towards a solution.

That said since then there are other issues that came up which make developing
and using an Plugin difficult:

1. There is no support for developing and deploying parts of a Sling Content Bundle
as the only way to deploy content is building and deploying the bundle.

2. IntelliJ (and I assume Eclipse) Plugin cannot import resources from Sling / AEM
from a Sling Content Bundle

3. IntelliJ and Sling (AFAIK) do not support OSGi bundle deployment as part of a
JCR Package which can lead to problems with OSGi bundles in Sling (not sure about
AEM). This is an general issue with embedded bundles when they are deployed
both as embedded and standalone archive.

This list makes me think that the Sling Tooling IDE module is not actively developed
anymore. Please let me know what you plans are so we can adjust it on our end.

Cheers - Andreas Schaefer Sr.
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