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From Konrad Windszus <>
Subject Deprecate Commons Testing?
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2017 11:03:23 GMT
Currently Commons Testing can be found in bundles/commons/testing (
although I would rather expect it below testing (
in SVN.
Apart from that library seems to be rather old and not too actively maintained. For most of
its classes there are nowadays better replacements:

1. o.a.s.commons.testing.integration: Rather either Teleporter or the
should be used
2. o.a.s.commons.testing.jcr: jcr-mock should be used instead
3. o.a.s.commons.testing.junit: should be converted to rules (
4. o.a.s.commons.testing.osgi: osgi-mock should be used instead
5. sling-mock should be used instead
6. if really useful can maybe moved to sling-mock as

Apart from that there are IMHO better alternatives for all those classes available, there
are certain limitations which are IMHO not easy to fix:

1. o.a.s.commons.testing.jcr uses Jackrabbit 2 only and never Oak, that means that the ITs
are pretty far away from what we ship now in Sling.
2. o.a.s.commons.testing.jcr is currently not compatible with Java 9 (

Should we add deprecation hints to all those classes pointing to the better alternatives and
spin a last release?

Currently we have way too many alternatives when it comes to testing support and focusing
only on one way of doing things certainly helps to reduce the maintenance effort.
The next candidate to deprecate would be Testing Tools...

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