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From Stefan Seifert <>
Subject [adaptTo-CRT] sling website migration -> jbake + git
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2017 22:00:41 GMT
notes about the opinions of the participants at the "Committer Round Table" at adaptTo() in
berlin this year:

- the migration to jbake and git is ready and feels "good enough" to do the real switch
- bertrand already started the mail poll to aks if someone has objections 
- open issues: toc is missing (workaround via js is in place now), and the "last revision"
info is missing
- migrating to jbake includes the migration of the sling-site to git (git repo exists already
for this, has to be currently manually synced by bertrand which is tedious)
- the new site is generated via maven and then pushed to a separate branch which would be
published to the website. (maybe we switch to a model in the future where the site build is
done on a CI and only the sources are kept in the git repo)
- there may be some minor open issues like syntax highlighting formatting issues. we accept
them for the time of the migration and try to fix them after the migration.
- the whole site gets migrated - including the outdated parts and parts that were still not
fully migrated from the last site migration. cleaning this up would be a separate task. maybe
such outdated pages could be tagged somehow and displayed in a different styling.
- sites generated with separate tooling (e.g. maven plugin docs generated by maven-site-plugin)
can be put into an /assets folder, and jbake will just copy them into the target site

plan for next steps:
- if no one objects in the mailing list doing the switch to the git repo as source of the
live website quite soon


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