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From "David G." <>
Subject Sling Authentication
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 03:15:20 GMT
I am writing a custom Sling Authentication Handler and am having
trouble understanding where the actual "authentication" to sling takes

Currently my Authentication Handler validates credentials against a
third party system, creates a user in JCR as necessary, gets an
AuthenticationInfo object based on that user ,and returns that
AuthenticationInfo object.

I was under the impression that returning  a non-null
AuthenticationInfo object was enough for sling to authenticate the
user, however this does not appear to be the case (unless I my
Authentication Info obj isnt properly formed i suppose).

Should all I have to do is return an AuthenticationInfo obj from
extractCredentials in my Custom Authenication Handler to authenticate
the user to Sling? Or is there something else I have to do?
If not, is there anything special in how the AuthenticationInfo is created?

Many thanks in advance!

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