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From Felix Meschberger <>
Subject Changes in system bundle export setup
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 18:46:35 GMT
Hi all,

I have implemented a change today in how the system bundle exports the
XML and Transaction APIs (SLING-2109 [1]):

  * In Launchpad Base the system bundle does not export these APIs
    any longer. That is the respective entries have been removed from
    jre-1.?.properties file.
  * I added two system bundle extension fragments which in export
    the transaction and XML APIs, resp.
  * In Launchpad Builder I added these two fragments at start level
    1 along with the LogService bundle.

With this setup it is now easily possible to replace the platform APIs
with APIs and implementations isolated within the framework. For example
by replacing the framework-extension-transaction bundle with the Aries
Transaction Manager bundle it is possible to have transaction support
inside the framework with the full JTA 1.1 API available (instead of
just the crippled version of the J2SE platform.



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