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From "Bertrand Delacretaz" <>
Subject Welcome Janandith, let's make Scala happen for Sling during GSoc!
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 06:19:54 GMT

Please join me in welcoming Janandith, who just got accepted for the
GSoC program, to make the Scala language usable in Sling!

I'll be the official mentor for this project, but of course all
community members are welcome to chime in, and we'll do our best to
make everything happen in the open. Search for "Sling" at [1] for the
initial project's description.

Michael Duerig [2], our resident Scala expert at Day Software, has
agreed to help with the hairy Scala-specific parts of the project -
welcome Michael, I'll be counting on you for those ASCII art
programming challenges [5] once Janandith gets to creating examples

For more details about GSoC see the FAQ [3] and timeline [4] - the
plan is for Janandith to start coding around May 26th, before that the
idea is to get to know the community, get to know Sling and JCR, and
work together on refining the project's goals. I guess we're flexible
on the exact timeline, as long as it meets the GSoC requirements.

Janandith, feel free to introduce yourself, in as much or as little
detail as you see fit - we're looking forward to getting to know you
better through your work here, and to a successful GSoC project!

We had two other students apply for Sling-related GSoC projects, but
competition was fierce between students and between hosting
organizations (as some students applied to several organizations), so
I'm very happy that one out of those three applications got through.
The ratio within the ASF is more like 1 to 6, and about 1 to 7 overall
- so congratulations to Janandith for making it!



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