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From Felix Meschberger <>
Subject Commons Bundles
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 15:19:11 GMT
Hi all,

The Sling trunk contains three bundles in a commons directory, which are
actually just wrapper bundles. The first one is the JSP API required by
Sling, the other two are wrappings for the MX4J and MX4J-Remote
libraries providing JMX implementations.

Assuming that the JSP API bundle might also be required by other OSGi
framework users, we might offer the JSP API wrapping to the Apache Felix
project for their commons initiative.

As for the MX4J and MX4J-Remote wrappings, I would propose to just
remove them as Sling requires Java 5 or higher, which already includes a
JMX implementation and therefore does not require a third party one.

If noone objects, I would do this sometime next week.


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