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Subject [sling-org-apache-sling-testing-osgi-mock] annotated tag created (now 40a5909)
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 10:21:16 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rombert pushed a change to annotated tag
in repository

      at 40a5909  (tag)
 tagging 88c5214511a9524790df29a7a29a57008e586432 (commit)
      by Stefan Seifert
      on Wed Sep 14 21:27:47 2016 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

     new e5ba840  SLING-4042 Donate sling-mock, jcr-mock, osgi-mock implementation
     new e1ee5ad  svn:ignore
     new 8d20817  SLING-4042 move all mock projects to mocks/ subdirectory
     new ad838b2  SLING-4042 add missing package-info files
     new 740687d  SLING-4042 make sure dependency injection is continued even if not all injections
succeeded, and report root cause of invocation target exceptions
     new 7e5bc2d  SLING-4042 add README files
     new 21a5152  add/update SCM urls
     new 74be83a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new d794a37  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0a80e0c  SLING-4090 Define package versions for Sling Mock, JCR Mock, OSGi Mock
     new 59f74f6  SLING-4142 MockOsgi: Activate/Deactivate method does not support different
     new a822c76  SLING-4162 Introduce "OsgiContext" junit rule for OSGi and OsgiContextImpl
     new b30dd56  SLING-4162 fix javadoc
     new c40b2dd  SLING-4163 OSGi Mock: Reference bind/unbind method picking order
     new abe8b21  fix some javadoc copy&paste errors and formatting
     new 7c2b519  SLING-4166 OSGi Mock: Support for "modified" SCR lifecycle method
     new 4d131cd  SLING-4166 update package version
     new 907c7df  SLING-4165 OSGi Mock: Fail-fast when calling methods requiring SCR metadata
and this is not present
     new 5538cda  SLING-4201 MockOsgi.activate()/deactivate()/modified() should fail fast
if method is declared but can't be found
     new 50112aa  SLING-4202 OSGi Mock: Fail-fast when mandatory references cannot be injected
     new 70f5447  fix some javadoc errors/warnings
     new d7f336c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 5022c27  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b910746  rename package-private class ReflectinServiceUtil to OsgiServiceUtil because
it does not any longer use reflection to do it's job (no functional change)
     new 68de5d4  SLING-4435 OSGi Mock: Cache reading of OSGi SCR Metadata files
     new dc9866e  SLING-4439 add support for unregistering services and prepare dynamic service
reference handling
     new e3e8bb1  SLING-4439 implement dynamic service registration
     new e6baa2c  SLING-4439 implement dynamic service registration
     new a980473  SLING-4439 implement dynamic service registration
     new e828e3d  SLING-4439 implement dynamic service registration - support string array
properties in osgi metadata as well - merge properties from osgi metadata with those specified
on activation/registration call - support "old-style" scr component metadata file as well
(and test this case)
     new 5afcfc6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new cea3da7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c389c24  SLING-4472 MockBundleContent.getProperty should return null
     new 4900b9b  Add missing licence headers and ignores for rat
     new 174e654  SLING-4670 : SCR metadata can't be read if components element is missing
     new c1ab86f  SLING-4698 - Set parent.relativePath to empty for all modules
     new ad91a5b  SLING-4718 Support OSGi component name different from implementation class
     new dd63020  SLING-4719 osgi-mock: Add Mock EventAdmin implementation
     new aede0b4  SLING-4720 Add support for "Long" and "Boolean" property types in SCR metadata
     new bd78f8a  SLING-4725 osgi-mock: Make compatible to OSGi 5/6
     new 9a4208d  SLING-4470 introduce separate "logging-mock" project for default log configuration
in mock tests, remove compile-dependency on slf4j-simple
     new 61fec88  update dependencies for release
     new 20100ff  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 1e80946  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 62541d8  update to next development snapshot unit released artifacts are in maven
     new c5653dd  SLING-4756 - ServiceListener notifications are not filtered
     new cd84d7c  SLING-4756 - ServiceListener notifications are not filtered
     new 88790a8  SLING-4756 - ServiceListener notifications are not filtered
     new 3704cb2  update to released mock versions
     new 0f222f7  SLING-4769 Osgi Mock: Add support for bundle headers
     new 5644c49  SLING-4756 add support for filtering via felix.framework FilterImpl implementation
     new f4513f8  SLING-4771 Osgi Mock: Allow to set mock bundle symbolic name
     new 9b26d4c  OsgiServiceUtil: clarify exception message when no matching references were
     new 7da1c22  MockBundleTest - cast once in the @BeforeMethod instead of every test
     new 4d21da0  SLING-4780 - Implement MockBundle.getLastModified
     new 9248ced  SLING-4781 - Implement MockBundle.getEntryPaths
     new ed82c56  SLING-4781 - Implement MockBundle.getEntryPaths
     new 456e603  SLING-4813 - Support CGLIB enhanced classes for Mockito based service mocks
     new 8d9a404  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 1e43ffc  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2cd752f  Update to Sling Parent 23
     new 5e5797b  Testing: remove superflous as it's the default now
     new 384b81a  Update rat exclude rules
     new a69eb1b  @no-jira : test failed with a timeout on jenkins - tring with 2sec timeout
     new 64dc2d0  SLING-4845 - MockBundleContext is not thread-safe
     new 9260a58  SLING-4845 - MockBundleContext is not thread-safe
     new e283546  set parent version to 24 and add empty relativePath where missing
     new e996493  remove unused LOG variable
     new 45d1dbc  SLING-4901 osgi-mock: Add support for ComponentContext.getUsingBundle()
     new ec78cea  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new b693d17  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1e64d07  cosmetic: beautify error messages when setup/teardown fails
     new 2b257a4  SLING-5083 osgi-mock: Eliminate compile dependency to org.apache.felix.scr.annotations
     new ee4eeb2  SLING-5089 mock-osgi: Deactivate all services on shutdown
     new 3747fc7  SLING-5089 deactivate services in reverse order
     new 571dcdb  SLING-5090 osgi-mock: Support ServiceFactory
     new 29e4a32  SLING-5088 properly shutdown executor service in MockEventAdmin
     new a80c2f8  SLING-5088 deprecate activate/deactivate methods without bundleContext parameter
because there is a small risk for memory leaks
     new 3e81888  cosmetic: fix javadoc errors
     new 07870d2  Update the main reactor to parent 25
     new 5f24bfb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new b52bba4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5bdecdf  SLING-5143 osgi-mock: MockBundleContext is not thread-safe when using iterators
     new 3c17662  SLING-5198 osgi-mock: Add basic ConfigurationAdmin support
     new 4aa8c55  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new d38d8c1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 505f211  SLING-5312 osgi-mock: Eliminate runtime-depenency to Felix SCR annotations
     new 9618e26  SLING-5323 Update to OSGi R6
     new 3f5a172  SLING-5324 osgi-mock: Support OSGi R6 field-based reference bindings
     new bf51720  SLING-5325 osgi-mock: Support target filtering on DS references
     new 5e0ac1d  SLING-5323 no need to update to JDK 1.7, we stick with JDK 1.6.
     new eb580c3  SLING-5327 refactor and unify lifecycle method handling (and fix missing
argument variants for modified methods - should support the same as the activate method)
     new db27b68  SLING-5327 osgi-mock: Support OSGi R6 Component propert types for configuration
     new b29a918  SLING-5327 inline the required classes from org.apache.felix.scr
     new 5d2ecfe  SLING-5372 osgi-mock: MockBundleContext.getServices(Class,String) throws
NPE when no services found
     new 4e489a6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 9c07ff3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b3f468c  SLING-5391 osgi-mock: Switch to osgi.core and osgi.cmpn dependencies
     new 2efd6e6  Switch to parent pom 26
     new 6759271  SLING-5453 implement MockBundleContext.getDataFile
     new 7d50f99  SLING-5453 implement MockBundleContext.getDataFile
     new c79ef61  SLING-5462 - demonstrate the wrong sorting of mock service references
     new 0e10e45  SLING-5462 ensure service references are sorted ascending by service ranking,
not descending
     new fe2625e  SLING-5462 switch to comparable implementation from commons.osgi and change
wrong assumptions in unit test
     new 09964b1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new a8a4072  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 8a090aa  SLING-5544 osgi-mock: Catch RejectedExecutionException in MockEventAdmin
     new 1c6b586  SLING-5667 MockBundleContext.getServiceReference(...) does not return service
reference with highest ranking
     new b251609  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new eff1945  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4f1cc0f  SLING-5871 osgi-mock: Update to org.apache.felix.scr 2.0.4
     new 9e41f2c  SLING-5905 osgi-mock: Shade and relocate Sling and Felix Dependencies
     new 6b59209  cosmetic: fix typo in error message
     new 3171277  SLING-5905 some files from felix.framework where missing includes shaded
source attachments
     new 9583f78  SLING-5970 mocks: Update to Parent Pom 28
     new a6a37d7  SLING-5970 switch to osgi annotations
     new c5195c6  add git ignore files for testing projects
     new 8ec500d  SLING-6051 osgi-mock: Support passing map/dictionary properties with object
vararg parameter
     new 4dcc5a8  update dependencies
     new 423c717  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 88c5214  [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag

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