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Subject [sling-org-apache-sling-scripting-core] annotated tag created (now d76c7f4)
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 10:02:24 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rombert pushed a change to annotated tag
in repository

      at d76c7f4  (tag)
 tagging 904d70829b3c8406da9b8004b696df5010ea3545 (commit)
      by Carsten Ziegeler
      on Tue Feb 23 12:50:27 2010 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

     new 780990d  SLING-137 Create new ScriptResolver implementation project SLING-110 Support
Java Scripting in the ScriptResolver
     new d326570  SLING-139 Add javax.script.ScriptEngineFactory as a reference     to the
SCR descriptor.
     new 109f1d6  Remove unused imports.
     new 1899996  issue SLING-146: Replace Resource.getURI() by Resource.getPath()
     new dcdfd1e  issue SLING-171: NPE in SlingScriptResolver#findScript() implementation
     new 0b48cdd  SLING-163 Ignore the search path if the resource type is an absolute path
     new 3b1151d  Cosmetics: Remove duplicate semicolon
     new 098a6aa  SLING-186 Fix exception handling and prevent IOException getting the request
reader for multipart/form-data POST requests.
     new 3595d10  Better solution for the Reader problem: Like for the response writer we
create an OnDemandReader which is returned by a new OnDemandRequest object which is used as
the request field of the ScriptHelper
     new c4598dc  Add missing bundle inclusion
     new 62118ef  SLING-197 Merge resource integration concept into trunk
     new 74da62f  fix javadoc
     new ba5b8ff  Use OSGi core and cmpendium jars from Felix project.
     new 906e650  SLING-204 - add svn ignore patterns for intellij
     new ad995a6  SLING-217 Ensure compilation with BSF 3.0 API even on JDK 6
     new 01f0e6c  Revert change as this breaks compilation on Mac OS X: rt.jar is not available.
     new b7b7b7e  Move construction of Bindings object to where it will be used
     new 661a71c  SLING-217 Use non-standard -Xbootclasspath/p option for compilation to prepend
BSF 3 API library in front of the standard boot class path.
     new 68b7bec  SLING-221 and SLING-222, fix sling.include with forced resource type and
extensions in included paths
     new 55e7f76  SLING-225 Add getRequestDispatcher(String, RequestDispatcherOptions) method
     new 3796006  SLING-234 RequestDispatcherOptions parsing has been moved to a constructor.
So we drop the parser and unit test here
     new c90d2ed  SLING-236 Implement the getters and setters and adapt all known uses of
the constants
     new fed3014  SLING-252 provide currentNode as a "global" variable to scripts
     new 3960c5a  Clean up code.
     new 52f755f  SLING-264: Apply slightly modified patch from Alexander Saar to allow script
execution outside of a request.
     new e45e7df  IN PROGRESS - issue SLING-279: ServiceLocator clean up
Add functionality of ServiceLocator to SlingScriptHelper. Ensure that SlingScriptHelper is
always available as SLING binding. Clean up validation of bindings a little bit.
     new d43686e  IN PROGRESS - issue SLING-279: ServiceLocator clean up
Use bundle context of scripting resolver bundle for service locator
     new d560127  IN PROGRESS - issue SLING-279: ServiceLocator clean up
Remove ServiceLocator interface and from request.
     new 019ec54  Only set content type if not null.
     new fd6c9a7  SLING-316 Remove reader acquisition in the service method
     new 09ed8c5  SLING-320: Return value from script.
     new 69eada2  SLING-320: Allow method calls in a script; this implementation is not optimal
yet, it uses the javax.script.Invocable interface if the script engine supports it; otherwise
it tries to generate a javascript like method call.
     new 34d1578  Move licence and notice to top level dir.
     new 781f183  Add incubator disclaimer.
     new ff09666  Write first element in pom in one line (to avoid problems with the maven
release plugin) and minor pom fixes.
     new 8e0cf13  Update notice files.
     new c18380b  SLING-380 Ensure script reader is closed after evaluating the script
     new c1d5ad9  SLING-402: Move osgi/commons to commons/osgi - correct poms.
     new 9f6e3ab  Exclude maven-eclipse.xml generated by the maven eclipse plugin.
     new 2a2e806  SLING-433 Prevent currentNode from being set if null
     new 2acf824  SLING-438 Rename scripting/resolver to scripting/core (take 1)
     new 3ac58b7  SLING-438 Rename scripting/resolver to scripting/core (take 2) - rename
     new 56c84e9  SLING-438 - fix module name and description
     new b3f1e0b  SLING-483: Add excludes for javadocs (WiP)
     new 8e991de  SLING-495 - NOTICE files generated using mknotice script
     new 4283b1e  SLING-495 - NOTICE files updated according to changes in revision 662927
     new d42a237  SLING-495 - NOTICE files regenerated with revision 663097 changes
     new 0fa62e4  Use released version of parent pom.
     new 948fda4  Use released versions (or soon to be released versions).
     new 4fab5b9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 41eb402  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 133432e  Set version to next development version.
     new 53f1c8a  Fix reference to parent pom.
     new dcf0e42  SLING-521: Restore more notice files.
     new 13b83cb  SLING-521: Separate between notice files for bin and src dists.
     new ab4bdc3  SLING-521: Separate between notice files for bin and src dists.
     new 5bde9eb  Change copyright year to 2008.
     new 9aeeec9  Update to released versions.
     new 45ef537  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new ccf1f00  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 581ca05  Use latest snapshots again to make project buildable.
     new 3149f5a  Use released versions.
     new eaca925  Use released parent pom where possible.
     new 004dc2b  SLING-555 : Update all poms to use the latest parent pom; update parent
pom to include the incubator repo for plugins and use latest plugins.
     new b37a2dd  SLING-621 Do not flush response after the script ends
     new fb36b51  SLING-613 log script errors in the request progress tracker
     new 23e3a0c  SLING-636 - Log more info about script engine extension mappings
     new 4f8cd84  SLING-679 Only set default character encoding if content type is a text/
content type.
     new c0cfdca  SLING-680 Add plugin for the Web Console to list known script engines
     new 9584f1b  SLING-689 - use jdk 6 compatible return type for SlingScriptEngineManager,
thanks to Michael Duerig
     new 590e176  SLING-705 Add single forward method to ScriptHelper implementation
     new 791b227  Return all ScriptEngineFactorys from the SlingScriptEngineManager
     new 5a35410  Use webconsole version from parent pom
     new 9339ec1  SLING-808 : Increase version to 5-incubator-SNAPSHOT
     new 4c6fb59  Update notice files to include 2009 in copyright statement.
     new 3fe5f09  SLING-811 Reduce DependencyManagement in the parent pom and add explicit
versions to the modules
     new 5280e87  Remove unused imports and correct javadocs.
     new cbdbeca  SLING-829 Cosmetics to the bundle/project names
     new 75883d3  SLING-803 use plugin management for the maven-dependency-plugin
     new 199df9a  SLING-704 Add convenience methods: forward(String) and forward(String, String)
     new 0e7f29f  SLING-847 Implement the MimeTypeProvider interface to support mapping extensions
and MIME types of registered ScriptEngineFactories to some MIME types and extensions
     new 35a124d  SLING-865 : Move to bundles
     new a55a2b8  SLING-865 : Adjust reactor pom and svn information in each module.
     new 3a4ad29  SLING-865 : Adjust path to parent pom and add profiles for samples and contrib
     new cf4c699  SLING-941: Lots of svn:eol-style settings missing
     new ad0eca6  Use release parent pom
     new f51b441  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new b152d31  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 99fc7ae  Use next dev version of parent pom
     new 2473736  Set parent pom to released version.
     new 6dee8a7  Move Sling to new TLP location
     new 9b590cb  SLING-1011 : Remove disclaimer file.
     new 1fac16f  SLING-1011 : Adjust svn location
     new fdd8248  SLING-1011 : Remove disclaimer from readme's, adjust links to webite, fix
versions in poms.
     new 6cada16  SLING-1030 : Send events when a new script engine factory is added or an
old one is removed.
     new 6064c3d  SLING-1033 Upgrade to Sling parent POM 6 (and ensure web app has the leglize
stuff, too)
     new a9babf9  SLING-1035 - Directly rethrow SlingException.
     new af39839  Move scripting constants into own constants class.
     new 991f7ba  Store script resource resolver in script context, return script resource
with request resource resolver.
     new 47a0bff  SLING-1021 - Use the global scope for the script resource resolver to avoid
having this in the bindings for the script.
     new 080f0f1  SLING-1021 : Use own sling scope to store private attributes.
     new c183ca4  Use latest Sling API release.
     new 9c044ec  Update to latest Sling releases.
     new 3534453  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 9d3c981  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2c401fa  SLING-1142 : Ensure that script session is used in all relevant places.
     new 0f71a62  Update to latest parent pom.
     new e9ac956  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 03e463c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c5f1c9f  SLING-1205 Upgrade all projects to parent POM 8 and use OSGi provided OSGi
     new ef2fd9a  SLING-1267 : Get metadata of script only once, get input stream lazily SLING-1266
: Init parameters from servlet config are not used
     new a38dbbd  SLING-1267 : Get metadata of script only once, get input stream lazily SLING-1266
: Init parameters from servlet config are not used
     new 2c36b21  Use scope provided for bundles.
     new 84ac857  SLING-1268 : Remove direct dependency to web console
     new a87f80f  SLING-1269 : Make dependency to jcr optional
     new 0910096  Only add reference if service is not null.
     new cbbea10  initial impl of SLING-1303
     new e44aaf7  SLING-1303 - Fixing compilation problem with BSF
     new 50a4d08  SLING-1318 - switching out BSF for Livetribe
     new bc156db  SLING-1303 SLING-1318 - upgrading SLING-1303 modifications to use generics
     new d4b5212  SLING-1303 - switching to servicetracker from scr due to need to get access
to the ServiceReference obj
     new d6ff25f  SLING-1304 - moving currentNode script binding to jcr.resource bundle
     new 6862642  SLING-1303 - adding unit test for ProtectedBindings class and fixing overly
protective key set
     new 4b57ba2  Update scripting version number to 2.1.0 as we added an interface.
     new 3e66fce  SLING-1303 - support java.util.Map services
     new 9396f42  SLING-1303 - making any engine comparison case-insensitive
     new 234ce87  Cleanup
     new 0eac2c9  Refer to recent snapshot to avoid build problems.
     new bce1a7c  Use latest releases
     new 7e4962c  SLING-1388 : Web Console Plugin should be a configuration printer
     new e8f05ff  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 904d708  [maven-scm] copy for tag

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