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Subject [sling-org-apache-sling-jcr-jackrabbit-accessmanager] annotated tag created (now 9f6336b)
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 09:49:05 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rombert pushed a change to annotated tag
in repository

      at 9f6336b  (tag)
 tagging 562ce9a65a046099c7f4c8f3ae960b730186e84d (commit)
      by Karl Pauls
      on Mon May 8 12:12:12 2017 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

     new d3f7b97  Import jackrabbit-accessmanager
     new 6e7aae9  SLING-879: New Bundle to provide actions for interacting with the jackrabbit
AccessManager. Patch provided by Eric Norman.
     new 1431cb1  SLING-941: Lots of svn:eol-style settings missing
     new 1ab84c7  SLING-941: Lots of svn:eol-style settings missing
     new 8c19a30  SLING-941: Lots of svn:eol-style settings missing
     new d78f209  Use released version of jackrabbit api
     new 067e7fc  Use jackrabbit api bundle instead of Sling's obsolete version.
     new ab58792  Use release parent pom
     new f64de42  Use released version as dependencies.
     new 258a10d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 70bb409  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9f5f16d  Use next dev version of parent pom
     new 8101ae1  Add license header
     new c1777c5  Add missing licence, notice etc.
     new 3b447fa  Prepare new release.
     new 995d0e6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 3c7b087  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c4e0670  Use next parent pom for development.
     new d627e7e  Set parent pom to released version.
     new a8d22a3  Move Sling to new TLP location
     new 94aca6e  SLING-1011 : Remove disclaimer file.
     new 6bbebdf  SLING-1011 : Adjust svn location
     new 6d9578b  SLING-1011 : Remove disclaimer from readme's, adjust links to webite, fix
versions in poms.
     new 6390829  SLING-1033 Upgrade to Sling parent POM 6 (and ensure web app has the leglize
stuff, too)
     new 4a672c9  SLING-940 Applied patch from myself. Adds Javadoc to accessmanager and usermanager
     new 5f5f49d  Use official release instead of incubator release.
     new 5fd0e3b  Update to latest Sling releases.
     new 0e2d9a5  SLING-1205 Upgrade all projects to parent POM 8 and use OSGi provided OSGi
     new 32c555a  SLING-1208 Adapt to an API change between Jackrabbit 1.5 and 1.6: If a node
as a access control policy set, the AccessControlManager.getApplicableAccessControlPolicies()
returns an empty iterator. In this case the getAccessControlPolicies returns the current policies.
Also upgraded dependency to Jackrabbit API to 1.6
     new a9b8cd7  Update notice files.
     new 1ef6653  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 7a8f5c3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new baa13c6  SLING-1212 - upgrading to Jackrabbit 2. Also includes re-revert of SLING-1363
and implementation of SLING-1330. Thanks to Felix for getting this started.
     new 4a18344  SLING-997 ModifyAceServlet replaces rather than merges privileges
     new 60e312a  SLING-997 handle merges involving aggregate privileges properly
     new 533a4ba  SLING-1411 Add replaceAccessControlEntry method to AccessControlUtil Thanks
to Ray Davis for the contribution.
     new b866e1d  SLING-1411 Clarify how to un-set a privilege and fix the sample ACE edit
script from the launchpad.content bundle
     new d1328f5  SLING-1090 fixed return value of PrivilegesInfo.canDelete(..) for children
of the root node + added some unit tests
     new d59aaea  Removed the 'authorizable' related privilege helpers since they don't work
after the upgrade to JR2.  To check the authorizable privileges use the 'AuthorizablePrivilegesInfo'
service from the jackrabbit.usermanager bundle.
     new 1bc3e51  SLING-1457 SLING-1458 - enable support for specifying the position of an
ACE (within the ACL) when it is added/updated
     new 9cf61d2  SLING-1517 - fixing Maven 3 warnings and switching to released version of
animal sniffer
     new f66de82  Use released parent pom.
     new eee036b  SLING-1528 Fixed, reverting to original format, and fixing the reverting
the integration tests (keeping the additional integration tests to cover this area)
     new 786e49d  Clean up code
     new d4ac26b  SLING-1612 - adding Effective ACL servlet
     new 51205d6  SLING-1677 Let AccessManager POST servlets return JSON
     new d4f3eec  SLING-1698 - setting explicit export version
     new 1810e04  updating to released jcr bundles
     new 9038481  tabs -> spaces
     new 2c7e61a  SLING-1805 Fix registration property
     new ae5853c  updating all modules to parent 10-SNAPSHOT in anticipation of emma additions
to parent
     new 8868e8f  using released version of servlet modules
     new 2c72380  updating pom files pre-release
     new b67cc19  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 966fe2f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new cdc9e63  using latest parent
     new 15cd533  Update to recent snapshots
     new 3422d99  Use latest releases.
     new fcc025a  SLING-2083 AccessManager permissions manipulation services that mirror the
functionality of the REST operations for programmatic access management code.
     new 5275f71  cleanup metatype labels
     new 145ed58  SLING-2150 : Update plugins to use the latest available versions
     new eef6db0  Update to recent snapshot
     new 7ab01b7  Using latest released parent pom
     new 23314cd  SLING-2187 - adding new module to contain our custom notice file; adding
remote-resources plugin configuration to parent pom and removing all existing appended-resources
NOTICE files
     new 3135335  temporarily using snapshots during release vote
     new 468f67e  using latest releases
     new c454fa1  SLING-2080 Apply patch by Angela Schreiber (thank you very much)
     new 0a56b45  SLING-2309 AccessManager - Convert @scr Java Doc Tags to SCR Annotations
     new acceb57  SLING-2309 AccessManager - Convert @scr Java Doc Tags to SCR Annotations
     new e3ac8c7  Add scope provided to dependencies
     new 8357bb0  SLING-2480 : Add config for maven-sling-plugin to m2e configuration
     new 854db05  Use version from parent pom
     new 0e1eb7e  Update to latest parent pom
     new 0776b5a  Use released versions
     new 3fdd00d  SLING-2600 Effective ACL servlet returns incorrect information
     new cbc32dc  SLING-2616 Enable tidy output from acl servlets
     new 06bac52  SLING-2600 Attempt #2. Effective ACL servlet returns incorrect information.
 Merge the information from the applicable access control entries to produce the eacl JSON
output.  + a few unit tests
     new 48c3c0a  SLING-2644 - Make the jackrabbit/accessmanager and jackrabbit/usermanager
to work with newer servlets/post bundle
     new 5230867  Use latest releases and update to new parent pom
     new ba4f32a  Update to latest parent pom and use latest releases in launchpad
     new 10f73c6  Correct reactor pom and update to parent pom 16
     new d3e5b41  SLING-2926 :  Wasted work in AbstractGetAclServlet.doGet() . Apply patch
from Adrian Nistor
     new dae3151  Update to latest parent pom
     new 2e1ea36  Update to parent pom 18
     new 446c5d0  Update to parent pom v19
     new 625d59b  Clean up usage of SCR annotations
     new a005549  Updated to parent version 20
     new 8e1370a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 0d9e077  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 31a51be  Update to Sling Parent POM 22 with baselining enabled
     new 839a1ba  SLING-4698 - Set parent.relativePath to empty for all modules
     new a8b16e4  Update to Sling Parent 23
     new eb50668  set parent version to 24 and add empty relativePath where missing
     new b504b01  Update the main reactor to parent 25
     new a92539a  Switch to parent pom 26
     new 9b37854  SLING-6452 : Update / Clean access manager project
     new dcf01a2  use Sling Parent 30
     new 5e333e8  SLING-6684: Replace commons.json usage in
     new 27a6432  SLING-6694: Switch to geronimo provider for javax.json api.
     new ed67d00  Disable doclint for javadoc on java8.
     new 9fb7a61  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 562ce9a  [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag

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