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Subject [sling-org-apache-sling-i18n] annotated tag created (now 0e1fc40)
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 09:40:03 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rombert pushed a change to annotated tag
in repository

      at 0e1fc40  (tag)
 tagging 5743ab867ab5028d5564a49eace146893c5c47bb (commit)
      by Carsten Ziegeler
      on Tue Oct 12 09:25:17 2010 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

     new f74ed07  SLING-335 Add new Internationalization Support Bundle
     new 6339a3e  Have the sling:messageEntry primary node type extend nt:hierarchyNode to
able to place message entries below nt:folder.
     new c9c33ee  Move default Locale handling from the I18NFilter to the ResourceBundleProvider
     new 5c06b9a  Two Enhancements: (1) Only require the ResourceResolverFactory if the ResourceBundle
is not available in the cache and (2) reorder methods an add JavaDoc.
     new 33eadde  SLING-363 add new sling:Language mixin node type extending mix:language
as described in the issue
     new 23edaf9  SLING-363 Add support for the new SlingHttpServletRequest.getResourceBunlde(String,
Locale) method in the filter and the resource bundle provider
     new 68100d5  SLING-363 Add support for the new SlingHttpServletRequest.getResourceBunlde(String,
Locale) method SLING-364 Use the search path (ResourceResolver.getSearchPath()) to prioritize
multiple resources with the same key
     new 6bee052  Move licence and notice to top level dir.
     new b0ce887  more svn:ignores
     new c3b5839  Add incubator disclaimer.
     new 1ec38fb  Write first element in pom in one line (to avoid problems with the maven
release plugin) and minor pom fixes.
     new f9302e6  Update notice files.
     new 549d84c  Fix typo in node type.
     new 86379eb  Fix javadocs.
     new 210bc8e  Exclude maven-eclipse.xml generated by the maven eclipse plugin.
     new a462d81  The ResourceResolver will always return search path entries with trailings
slashes, no need to verify.
     new 86cf202  SLING-439: Reduce files for i18n node types, remove unused reference nodetype,
move sling:Folder to jcr.resource.
     new 77abbe4  SLING-439: Remove unused selector node types and implementations; correct
     new bc0791f  SLING-450: Move i18n to extensions
     new a3c2e6b  Correct svn urls.
     new becbd30  SLING-442: Clean up exports, imports, dependencies and used plugins.
     new 4c62722  SLING-479 Fix @scr.tags:   - normalize metadata attribute settings to "no"
  - ensure proper metadata and ds attributes are set   - create files
where required   - fix files
     new 066dcd1  SLING-483: Add excludes for javadocs and fix javadocs (WiP)
     new 13d6506  SLING-495 - NOTICE files generated using mknotice script
     new a75fc03  SLING-495 - NOTICE files updated according to changes in revision 662927
     new b17631c  SLING-495 - NOTICE files regenerated with revision 663097 changes
     new f9f7ab4  Use released version of parent pom.
     new 570b577  Use released versions (or soon to be released versions).
     new fa357b7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 4876468  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 50c946d  Set version to next development version.
     new 322c8bb  Fix reference to parent pom.
     new ba00a08  SLING-521: Restore more notice files.
     new b16673a  SLING-521: Separate between notice files for bin and src dists.
     new 5026cb8  SLING-521: Separate between notice files for bin and src dists.
     new c185279  Update to released versions.
     new b3db23d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new a58706f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2422e74  Use latest snapshots again to make project buildable.
     new 20c1c02  Use released versions.
     new c333cc1  Use released parent pom where possible.
     new 0afa14e  SLING-555 : Update all poms to use the latest parent pom; update parent
pom to include the incubator repo for plugins and use latest plugins.
     new 81f2536  SLING-717 Use node name as the message key if the sling:key property is
     new ae74fa2  SLING-718 login as administrative user by defualt instead of anonymous
     new b0d6c6e  SLING-808 : Increase version to 5-incubator-SNAPSHOT
     new f0527c2  Update notice files to include 2009 in copyright statement.
     new 79798d1  SLING-829 Cosmetics to the bundle/project names
     new 5eed19d  SLING-829 Ensure Apache Sling prefix on all configuration names
     new 79f2203  SLING-517 - Remove unused node type.
     new 6e09d9b  SLING-865 : Move to bundles
     new 2608653  SLING-865 : Adjust reactor pom and svn information in each module.
     new 18735ef  SLING-865 : Adjust path to parent pom and add profiles for samples and contrib
     new 7dc4248  SLING-877 Remove check for exact locale
     new b9a9539  SLING-916 remove javadoc configuration which will be inherited from parent
     new 6c7e09b  Move i18n bundle to contrib
     new 780f3f5  Use release parent pom
     new 9f0d66f  Use new dev parent pom for contrib.
     new 2b3d308  Set parent pom to released version.
     new 7d457ab  Move Sling to new TLP location
     new e37f86d  SLING-1011 : Remove disclaimer file.
     new 37d8239  SLING-1011 : Adjust svn location
     new 55efd15  SLING-1011 : Remove disclaimer from readme's, adjust links to webite, fix
versions in poms.
     new 5916684  SLING-1033 Upgrade to Sling parent POM 6 (and ensure web app has the leglize
stuff, too)
     new 1467065  SLING-1057 : Escape the apostroph
     new 2bebc36  Correct svn urls.
     new 2d3746c  SLING-1057 : Correctly escape apostroph.
     new df0560c  Use official release instead of incubator release.
     new 8f6af62  Update to latest Sling releases.
     new ef2ab91  Update to latest release.
     new 48e5e47  Fix pom
     new 9a0870e  SLING-1131 - i18n: do not enforce a flat node hierarchy below mix:language
- contributed by Alex Klimetschek, thanks!
     new 8566ed3  SLING-1131 - i18n: do not enforce a flat node hierarchy below mix:language.
Contributed by Alex Klimetschek, thanks!
     new bce345c  moved non-core parts of commons/testing to commons/slingtest to avoid cyclic
     new b236ad2  No need to use the slingtest module, nodetypes are not needed and resource
resolver can easily be mocked.
     new e16a24b  SLING-1205 Upgrade all projects to parent POM 8 and use OSGi provided OSGi
     new 3658cc2  Use latest jcr api to decouple modules from jcr 1.0 (contained in older
jcr api releases)
     new c561cc1  Fix test cases
     new 4bd7a7b  SLING-1262 : Add close() method to ResourceResolver and add an empty method
to all implementations (this isn't necessary, but avoid's problems later on)
     new 97982fa  Use released parent pom.
     new 8b18dcc  Code cleanup and implement new methods of resource resolver.
     new 52f3eac  Go back to latest snapshots
     new 84850d8  Use released version of commons testing.
     new 4fb7c95  Prepare for release
     new 2165cee  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 600b7e6  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of
     new 8927a7e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 5402f55  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of
     new 28ccb64  Correct svn url
     new 0f04371  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 5743ab8  [maven-scm] copy for tag

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