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Subject [sling-org-apache-sling-auth-form] annotated tag created (now cc93726)
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 09:19:22 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rombert pushed a change to annotated tag
in repository

      at cc93726  (tag)
 tagging d0817206e8dbb9bda2cfe04ac7d1078955c8ac89 (commit)
      by Carsten Ziegeler
      on Wed Oct 7 06:23:25 2015 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

     new f467e0e  SLING-1116 Initial Version based on Eric Norman's patch (thanks alot)
     new 8b679bf  SLING-1116 cleanup dependencies
     new a0fcd1a  SLING-1116 Implement support for the j_validate login form parameter and
add support to convey a reason to render the login form using the j_reason request parameter
for the login form request
     new 44c5ccd  SLING-1116 Fix service description
     new a812358  SLING-1116 Ensure the FormLoginModulePlugin is actually registered as a
service (otherwise authenticaiton may fail). Also the resource attribute is set in the extractRequestParameterAuthentication
method to ensure a redirect takes place after successful login
     new 0a41f41  SLING-1380 Do not return anything from getPrincipal to allow DefaultLoginModule.getPrincipal
to kick in and validate the user name against the existing users (and also to provide the
correct principal for the user)
     new a25ef67  SLING-1116 make sure the login form action is an absolute path
     new 33e89b6  SLING-1419 : Remove dependency to JCR
     new 64b2394  SLING-1498 - saving resource being requested
     new 0a8abcc  SLING-1497 - adding tentative configuration for configuring service.ranking
via ConfigAdmin/Metatype
     new 1cb242e  forgot that maven 3 dropped support for latest. oh well, new scr plugin
should be released rsn
     new 6b812d8  Use released parent pom.
     new 4e10552  SLING-1116 Improve FormReason to convey the human-readable message by toString()
     new 217e197  SLING-1565 Move private implementation classes to the impl package and export
the o.a.s.formauth package for login forms to be able to interpret the j_reason value with
the FormReason enum.
     new a606003  SLING-1565 - need to move the login form as well to be in the same package
as the servlet
     new d5ecfb9  SLING-1564 - adding support for form inclusion as well as custom form pages
via fragments
     new 196a11f  SLING-1587 - file name wasn't being logged
     new d3222a7  SLING-1575 Adapt Form and OpenID authentication handler to use new abstract
form servlet and authentication handler
     new 531e943  SLING-1575 Add @scr.service tag for login form servlets and fully qualify
path property definition in the authentication handler
     new 03ed695  Remove unneeded (and commented out) version element
     new 99b1053  SLING-1588 Fixed, cookie needs to be removed when found to be invalid.
     new d24ad09  SLING-1614 Added config settings that allow a login form to be re-displayed
when the login token expires, by default the login form is not displayed on expiry, on the
basis that it was not displayed by default when the anon user first came to the site.
     new e561eda  SLING-1614 Added missing property name and metatype text.
     new 008d39d  SLING-1647 Set handler specific properties in the AuthenticationInfo instead
of the credentials. The properties will be transferred to the session by the ResourceResolverFactory
     new bdb9503  SLING-1650 Consolidate authentication stuff in a new auth component; * rename
commons/auth to auth/core * rename extensions/formauth to auth/form * rename extensions/openidauth
to auth/openid
     new f4f4bfc  SLING-1650 Refactor auth/core, auth/form, auth/openid for the new packages
identifying the auth component and refer to the new auth/core for the authentication handlers.
     new 5ba6c25  SLING-1650 Remove old packages; make sure the login.html form source is
in the correct (new) location
     new 9946c7c  Set JIRA version id and fix JavaDoc exclusions
     new dc98910  Update to Sling API 2.1.0
     new af26b77  use Auth Core 1.0.0 to prepare the release
     new 9e52b4e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new 00fad8b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f045f34  Use previous Auth Core SNAPSHOT until after release
     new 11448fa  SLING-1695 - set the cookie domain either by a config admin property or
using a key within the AuthenticationInfo object
     new aee24d0  SLING-1714 Convert @scr JavaDoc tags to SCR annotations
     new acc1f6b  SLING-1714 Metatype descriptor generation is not enabled by default for
     new 2574aa6  SLING-1722 Do not embed StringUtils class but import the Commons Lang package
     new 1bf2250  SLING-1721 Use no cookie domain if the configured (or requested) cookie
domain is an empty string
     new 18d11b7  SLING-1729 Provide a simple and faster alternative to the default SecureRandom
seeding. This might be of interest mostly for the Linux and Solaris platforms which seed SecureRandom
from the blocking /dev/random by default.
     new 4d1d59e  SLING-1729 Emit a log message if regular SecureRandom seeding is used
     new ebdcfd7  Use released version of auth/core dependency
     new 93fe53e  SLING-1744 Split the authentication data into exactly three fields leaving
any excess field separators in the user name field thus supporting user names with @ signs
such as email addresses.
     new dc0a50e  SLING-1752 Unify resource attribute/parameter setting and default value
     new e633f47  Revert changes from commit 996477 which are not intended to go into that
commit (relative to handling auth failures for XHR requests and handling the cookie)
     new bfe05c2  SLING-1762 Add the HttpOnly attribute to setting the authentication cookie
to make sure the cookie is not available to client side JavaScript. Also, when extracting
the authentication data from the cookie ignore empty values.
     new 1e178f5  SLING-1783 Make the use of the j_reason request attribute to inform about
failures for authentication official
     new b087302  Don't quote cookie value and attributes
     new 8a77e54  SLING-1785 Use new redirect helper method of tha AbstractAuthenticationHandler
     new e4d4eff  SLING-1428 Reimplement full j_validate functionality: Send a 403 response
if either the provided cookie value is invalid or if the provided user name and password cannot
be used to login. Created methods to actually send back the success or failure responses for
validation requests.
     new 888cdb3  SLING-1428 Implement generalized support for validating credentials supplied
by a request using the j_validate request parameter.
     new 64b8cf5  updating all modules to parent 10-SNAPSHOT in anticipation of emma additions
to parent
     new 8972039  SLING-1869 - upgrading to latest SCR plugin and putting scr.annotations
in parent
     new ad83c4f  Update to recent snapshots
     new 09f89ed  Use latest releases.
     new ef7843d  Prepare releases
     new 17bfd16  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new b472e70  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2275900  Update to current snapshots
     new 1f794a9  Update to releases
     new 32d454e  SLING-1847 Redirect after logout does not work with form authentication
(+unit test)
     new ac004cf  SLING-2150 : Update plugins to use the latest available versions
     new 2cda4c9  Update to recent snapshot
     new 4ea6441  Using latest released parent pom
     new 300e154  SLING-2187 - adding new module to contain our custom notice file; adding
remote-resources plugin configuration to parent pom and removing all existing appended-resources
NOTICE files
     new 5a0790c  temporarily using snapshots during release vote
     new 30504c1  using latest releases
     new e42a6f4  SLING-2080 Apply patch by Angela Schreiber (thank you very much)
     new e145fd0  SLING-2080 Fix wrong JavaDoc references (Thanks Angela for reporting)
     new eccd8eb  SLING-2165 Form based login failure should stay on the same login page to
show the login error
     new c09ad3f  SLING-2299 The checkReferer method has actually been moved to AuthUtil because
it was not contained in a released version of Auth Core bundle yet.
     new 87f291f  SLING-2382 - having form auth handler set the login event triggering auth
info property
     new 56310ef  SLING-2480 : Add config for maven-sling-plugin to m2e configuration
     new 741517c  SLING-2483 Update jackrabbit.server and jcr.base dependencies and add JCR
API dependency to prevent the new bundle plugin to generate a too restrictive import for the
JCR API (2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0)
     new 50a319e  Update to latest parent pom
     new 09818f4  Use released versions
     new 9548090  Use latest releases and update to new parent pom
     new 0ee728f  Update to latest parent pom and use latest releases in launchpad
     new 21cc027  Use released versions after release.
     new ac9477f  Correct reactor pom and update to parent pom 16
     new 3ec65e6  SLING-2858 - Maven build fails after upgrading to parent 16: No annotation
processors found in classpath
     new 866ec35  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new a21621c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9c06cb2  remove duplicate dependency
     new 7f5c31b  Update to latest parent pom
     new 61e2397  Update to parent pom 18
     new e80937a  SLING-3443 : Parameter based redirection in FormAuthenticationHandler should
not handle absolute urls. Apply modified patch from Ravi Teja
     new 98d550a  Update to parent pom v19
     new ca4e850  SLING-3795 : Fields for dynamic references must be volatile
     new 6333a87  Updated to parent version 20
     new 2926575  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new c29928e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c56ec99  Remove duplicate properties for service vendor
     new a195ad9  Update to Sling Parent POM 22 with baselining enabled
     new 12e637b  SLING-3227 - FormLoginModulePlugin does not work with Oak
     new 9368c3a  SLING-4698 - Set parent.relativePath to empty for all modules
     new 5b2c3c5  Update to Sling Parent 23
     new afe69a3  set parent version to 24 and add empty relativePath where missing
     new a0b5e99  Update the main reactor to parent 25
     new e45939d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release
     new d081720  [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag

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