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Subject svn commit: r1804957 - /sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management.mdtext
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2017 08:51:17 GMT
Author: rombert
Date: Mon Aug 14 08:51:17 2017
New Revision: 1804957

Release management: add note about the reporter service


Modified: sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management.mdtext
--- sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management.mdtext (original)
+++ sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management.mdtext Mon Aug 14
08:51:17 2017
@@ -186,6 +186,7 @@ If the vote passes:
 1. Push the release to [](
This is only possible for PMC members (for a reasoning look at [](
If you are not a PMC member, please ask one to do the upload for you.
 	1. Commit the released artifacts to [](
which is replicated to [](
quickly via svnpubsub. Hint: use svn import to avoid having to checkout the whole folder first.
The easiest to do this is to get the released artifact using the check script (
and then simply copy the artifacts from the downloaded folder to your local checkout folder.
Make sure to not add the checksum files for the signature file \*.asc.\*).
         * Make sure to *not* change the end-of-line encoding of the .pom when uploaded via
svn import! Eg when a windows style eol encoded file is uploaded with the setting '*.pom =
svn:eol-style=native' this would later fail the signature checks!
+        * Following the SVN commit you will receive an email from the 'Apache Reporter Service'.
Follow the link and add the release data, as it used by the PMC chair to prepare board reports.
     1. Delete the old release artifacts from that same svn folder (the dist
directory is archived)
 1. Push the release to Maven Central
 	1. Login to []( with your Apache
SVN credentials. Click on *Staging*. Find your closed staging repository and select it by
checking the select box. Select the *Releases* repository from the drop-down list and click
*Release* from the menu above.

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