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Subject svn commit: r1611639 - /sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:14:23 GMT
Author: bdelacretaz
Date: Fri Jul 18 13:14:23 2014
New Revision: 1611639

SLING-3771 - Health Checks as server-side JUnit tests


Modified: sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext
--- sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext (original)
+++ sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext Fri Jul
18 13:14:23 2014
@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ The Health Check subsystem consists of t
 * `` provides JMX MBeans that execute `HealthCheck`s.
 * `` provides a `HealthCheck` service that executes JUnit
tests in the server-side OSGi context.
 * `` provides sample OSGi configurations and `HealthCheck` services.
The sample configurations are provided as Sling content, so the Sling Installer is required
to activate them.
+* `` makes selected Health Checks available as server-side
JUnit tests. See below for more info. 
 ## Out-of-the-box `HealthCheck` services
@@ -139,3 +140,22 @@ The MBean gives access to the `Result` a
 See the example configurations of the `` for more details.
 ![JConsole showing Sling Health Check MBeans](jconsole-hc.jpg)
+## Health Checks as server-side JUnit tests
+The `` bundle makes selected Health Checks available as server-side
JUnit tests. 
+It requires the ` bundle` which provides the server-side JUnit
tests infrastructure.
+The idea is to implement the smoke tests of your system, for example, as health checks. You
can then run them
+as part of integration testing, using the  [Sling Testing Tools]({{
+remote testing utilities, and also as plain Health Checks for monitoring or troubleshooting
Sling instances.
+To use this module, configure sets of tags at `/system/console/configMgr/`
+using the standard `includeThisTag,-omitThatTag` syntax, and JUnit tests will be available
at /system/sling/junit/HealthChecks.html 
+to run the corresponding Health Checks.
+To run the Health Check tests at build time, see the [testing/samples/integration-tests](
+sample module.

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