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Subject svn commit: r1588233 - /sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/the-sling-engine/featureflags.mdtext
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2014 12:37:37 GMT
Author: justin
Date: Thu Apr 17 12:37:36 2014
New Revision: 1588233

removing outdated information on feature flags and resource resolution


Modified: sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/the-sling-engine/featureflags.mdtext
--- sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/the-sling-engine/featureflags.mdtext (original)
+++ sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/the-sling-engine/featureflags.mdtext Thu Apr 17
12:37:36 2014
@@ -28,26 +28,3 @@ Alternatively feature flags can be provi
 | `enabled` | Boolean flag indicating whether the feature is enabled or not by
           this configuration|
-# Resource Resolution
-The `ResourceResolver` supports feature flags while looking up resources both in all the
-resource accessor methods if the `` service is
-available to the `ResourceResolver`. Otherwise feature flags are ignored.
-To limit visibility of a resource according to feature flags, the `sling:features` property
-can be set to a single or multi-value string. A feature flag to be checked is just listed
-with an optional dash (`-`) prefix. Without the dash the named feature must be enabled to
-have the resource visible. If the feature name is prefixed with a dash the resoure is only
-visible if the feature flag is disabled. If multiple feature flag names are given, the
-resource is visible if at least one of the features is enabled (or disabled if prefixed with
-a dash).
-## Examples:
-| `sling:features` | Description |
-`"sample"` | Resource is visible if feature *sample* is enabled. |
-`"-sample"` | Resource is visible if feature *sample* is disabled. |
-`[ "sample1", "sample2" ]` | Resource is visible if feature *sample1* or *sample2* (or both)
is enabled. |
-`[ "sample1", "-sample2", "sample3" ]` | Resource is visible if feature *sample1* or *sample3*
(or both) is enabled or if *sample2* is disabled. |

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