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Subject [CONF] Apache Sling Website > News
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 08:14:00 GMT
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         <h1><a name="News-News"></a>News</h1>

	<li>New releases: Apache Sling Engine 2.0.6, Apache Sling Adapter 2.0.4, Apache Sling
JCR Resource 2.0.6, Apache Sling Commons ClassLoader 1.0.0, Apache Sling Event 2.0.6, Apache
Sling JCR ClassLoader 2.0.6, Apache Sling Scripting Core 2.0.6, Apache Sling Servlets Resolver
	<li>New releases: Apache Sling API 2.0.8, Apache Sling Commons HTML 0.9.0, Apache Sling
Commons ClassLoader 0.9.0, Apache Sling Commons Scheduler 2.1.0, and Apache Sling Servlets
Get 2.0.6 (October 02, 2009)</li>
	<li>New releases: Apache Sling API 2.0.6 and Apache Sling JCR API 2.0.4 (August 17,
	<li>Apache Sling OSGi LogService Implementation, Version 2.0.6, is released (August
5, 2009)</li>
	<li>Ian Boston added as a member of the PMC (July 25, 2009)</li>
	<li>Ian Boston added as a committer (July 9, 2009)</li>

	<li>Sling site at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
live (June 29, 2009)</li>
	<li>Mailing lists moved to dev(a) and commits(a) (June
29, 2009)</li>
	<li>SVN moved to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
(June 18, 2009)</li>
	<li>Apache Sling has graduated into a top level project! (June 17, 2009)</li>

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