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From <>
Subject Re: Error in maven build
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2019 09:41:34 GMT
Hello Martin,

thanks for your hint concerning sis-epsg. The database was created on SIS_DATA, so the message
concerning missing Tables.sql is no longer there. But, unfortunately, I encounter another

[INFO] Running org.apache.sis.test.suite.ReferencingTestSuite
WARNUNG       [CommonCRS.geocentric] Can not instantiate geodetic object for “EPSG:4978”.
?             Caused by FactoryDataException: Axis direction “Geocentre > equator/0?E”
is unknown.

The test fails due to "Geocentre > equator/0?E". I guess this must be "Geocentre > equator/0°E".
Ist this an encoding issue?

Thanks in advance,


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