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From Martin Desruisseaux <>
Subject Re: Usage of geotk and Apache SIS
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 19:08:15 GMT
Hello Christoph

No problem, questions are welcome!

Le 26/02/2019 à 16:39, Christoph Steinforth a écrit :

> In of our projects we use some classes like Setup [2] which are part
> of geotk. When switching from geotk to Apache SIS we still have to
> keep geotk for those classes, is this right?
Its depends which Geotk services you are using. We are slowly reducing
the scope of Geotk Setup utility and may remove it completely in the
future. If using referencing services, Setup should not be needed
anymore since the configuration (connection to EPSG database, etc.) is
now managed by Apache SIS (we can elaborate in a separated email if
desired). If using World File image readers, Setup is still needed until
we migrate that functionality to Apache SIS, at which point Setup will
not be needed anymore.

> If so, which version would be a proper choice? Since we are also plan
> to switch to OpenJDK 11 I guess we have to use Apache SIS 1.0. So the
> version of geotk should be 5.0?!?
It would be better to use Apache SIS 1.0. I hope to work on this release
in March, but can not guarantee yet. On Geotk side, it is known to be
currently incompatible with JDK 9+. I hope to fix this problem after
Apache SIS release. I guess that the release number would still be
4.something (previous releases in the 4.x series are actually milestones).

Can you share which Geotk services you are using? It would allow us to
make a more accurate answer about whether they are still needed, the
plan to port them to Apache SIS, etc.



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