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From Emmanuel Blondel <>
Subject Re: Migrating from Geotk to Apache SIS
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2014 14:44:18 GMT
Hi Martin,

Thanks for the detailed information. I'm following it, and try to 
migrate the metadata module to SIS 0.3 and use Geotk 4.0-M1 for the rest.

Just one doubt that comes to my mind: until now i've used JDK 6, and 
Geotk 3.21. I had no problem with using JDK 6 with this Geotoolkit 
version. Now, i see the Getoolkit main web-page that mentions JDK 7 as 
pre-requisite, and indeed i got a error "Unsupported major.minor version 
51.0" with DefaultGeographicCRS class. Is JDK 7 mandatory coming with 
Geotk 4.0? I ask because i also see they are 2 development branches (JDK 
6 and 7) in Apache SIS.


Le 24/01/2014 10:56, Martin Desruisseaux a écrit :
> Hello Emmanuel
> Welcome :-), and thanks for posting.
> Le 24/01/14 10:37, Emmanuel Blondel a écrit :
>> I am currently starting to consider migrating from Geotoolkit to 
>> Apache SIS.
>> My project currently uses the following geotk modules:
>> - metadata
>> - referencing
>> - utility
>> - shapefile / feature
>> It seems that sis-shapefile is not yet part of the stable 0.3, but 
>> yes in snapshot, however i don't know if this module is complete as 
>> in Geotoolkit.
>> I would like to get advice either if in this context, it should be 
>> worth starting the migration, or either to postpone it. I had a first 
>> look to migrating metadata components, there is no problem at all, 
>> but the use of sis-shapefile / sis-feature seems to be an ongoing 
>> work in 0.4-SNAPSHOT.
> In Apache SIS 0.3, only the metadata module is complete. Apache SIS 
> 0.4 will contain parts (not all) of referencing module, and SIS 0.5 
> will complete the referencing module. The shapefile module in SIS is a 
> starting point but not yet a replacement for the Geotk one.
> However users do not net to perform a "all or nothing" migration. I 
> would suggest to use SIS 0.3 for the metadata part, completed by Geotk 
> 4.0-M1 for the remaining parts. In Geotk 4.0-M1, metadata classes have 
> been refactored as SIS metadata subclasses and deprecated. In the 
> Geotk 4.0-M2 release, those deprecated metadata classes will be 
> removed. Then the referencing classes that migrated to SIS will be 
> deprecated in Geotk, and so on.
> If you choose this path, then the only action needed in your project 
> would be to upgrade the Geotk dependency to 4.0-M1. This will import 
> the appropriate version of Apache SIS through transitive dependencies. 
> Then you could replace the "org.geotoolkit.metadata" imports by 
> "org.apache.sis.metadata", and leave the other ones as-is for now. 
> When Geotk 4.0-M2 will be released (in the next few weeks), you could 
> replace some "org.geotoolkit.referencing" imports by 
> "org.apache.sis.referencing", an so one until all needed modules are 
> migrated to SIS.
> Do you think that it could work for your project?
>     Martin

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