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From Vernat Emeric <>
Subject Some thoughts on Sirona
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2017 18:16:26 GMT
Hi all,

I would like to say some thoughts on Sirona, as a kind of advice or 
remarks on community growth. I will use English even if we all speak 
French here ;-)
(These are from my point of view and I am neither a Sirona project's 
member or an Apache member. There are certainly other points of view and 
your thoughts may be better than mine.)

When we look at the Sirona web page (, the 
first thing written is:
"*NEW: 18th Nov 2015 release of 0.3-incubating as a technology preview*".

Wow, that's not new for sure. It seems like Sirona was already dead in 
the egg since 2015, so most users and contributors will leave without 
reading the end of the page. Only few will see the reality beyond that.
I think that new releases would have shown that the project is not dead 
and that it adds features and fixes bugs as needed by users: 2 or 3 
releases per year is a minimum I think.

Then, for sure, Sirona has a lot of features (for example, Cassandra, 
Graphite, Square cube, ...) and perhaps too many features. But I think 
that the documentation is far from usable for a standard Java developer.

For example, one of the first link in the documentation is about 
"Concepts": great, I would like to know the Concepts of monitoring with 
Problem is that the Concepts page starts with:/
     The repository is a singleton for the JVM. It is the entry point to 
get access to counters and gauges./

         public interface Repository extends Iterable<Counter> {
            Counter getCounter(Counter.Key key);
            void clear();
            StopWatch start(Counter counter);

            Map<Long, Double> getGaugeValues(long start, long end, Role 
            void stopGauge(Role role);
/When wanting to know the concepts of Sirona as a first step to learn 
what it is, I was not asking for a Java interface (which I don't really 
understand anyway).

So after the Concepts page, I am going to the Deployments page. At 
least, I should be able to install Sirona.
But the Deployments give 5 or 6 "solutions" which are: everything 
locally, agent/collector, push/pull, automatics registration or not, 
cassandra or not. I am a bit lost with all that. So going first to 
"everything locally" for the simple solution.
And first thing in "everything locally" is :
/As a Sirona user, I should have run away at this point.
By the way, later on the same page, it is suggested to see the cassandra 
doc page without giving a link to that page and it is suggested to 
configure properties without saying where those properties should be 

After finally finding the Cassandra page it says again to configure 
properties without saying where to write them. Then the Cassandra page 
continues with a long list of incomprehensible database details. Am I 
supposed to understand those details?

As a last word, in the quick start guide, version is out of date and the 
Square cube link is dead. But the quick start guide is not that bad 
except the last sentence: "Documentation coming soon".

All that to say that the documentation seems not finished, not cohesive 
enough, without much guiding for choices and not usable enough for a 
standard developer, in my point of view. Having a lot of features does 
not help.
And no releases since Nov 2015 confirms that.

I do not know if there would have been more community growth with better 
documentation and releases, but at the moment it does not help.

And about leadership in the project, it's true that projects with a 
dictactor (or slave) for life are more often successful in the end: 
Jenkins is a good example. But of course, everyone can choose other 
priorities than Sirona at some point in time. Perhaps a dictator for 
life would have helped to launch the project.


Again, this is from my point of view and I am neither a Sirona project's 
member or an Apache member. There are certainly other points of view and 
your thoughts may be better than mine.

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