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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [singa] nudles opened a new issue #784: Preparation for V3.1 release
Date Sun, 30 Aug 2020 04:12:35 GMT

nudles opened a new issue #784:

   I propose to release a minor version to reflect the changes since v3.0, including
   Please test the following items and check the documentation if they are done.
     - [ ] new onnx models and operators   @joddiy 
     - [ ] distributed training @chrishkchris 
     - [ ] computational graph to support RNN @chrishkchris 
     - [ ] website update @nudles
     - [ ] pypi package generation @nudles  
     - [ ] github workflow for code quality and coverage management @moazreyad 
     - [ ] tensor APIs @dcslin 
     - [ ] new autograd operators @joddiy 
     - [ ] anything else?
   Here is the checklist and [steps](
   - [ ] Select a release manager. The release manager (RM) is the coordinator for the release
process. It is the RM's signature (.asc) that is uploaded together with the release. The RM
generates KEY (RSA 4096-bit) and uploads it to a public key server. The RM needs to get his
key endorsed (signed) by other Apache user, to be connected to the web of trust. He should
first ask the mentor to help signing his key. [How to generate the key](
   - [ ] Check license. [FAQ](; [SINGA
     - [ ] the codebase does not include third-party code which is not compatible to APL;
     - [ ] The dependencies are compatible with APL. GNU-like licenses are NOT compatible;

     - [ ] All source files written by us MUST include the Apache license header:
There's a script in there which helps propagating the header to all files.
     - [ ] Update the LICENSE file. If we include any third party code in the release package
which is not APL, must state it at the end of the [LICENSE](
file and include the license boilerplate in the original file.
   - [ ] Bump the version. Check code and documentation
     - [ ] The build process is error-free.
     - [ ] Unit tests are included (as much as possible)
     - [ ] Conda packages run without errors. 
     - [ ] The online documentation on the Apache website is up to date.
   - [ ] Prepare the RELEASE_NOTES file. Include the following items, Introduction, Features,
Bugs (link to JIRA or Github PR), Changes, Dependency list, Incompatibility issues. Follow
this [example](

   - [ ] Prepare DISCLAIMER file. Modify from the [template](
   - [ ] Package the release candidate. The release should be packaged into : apache-singa-VERSION.tar.gz.
The release should not include any binary files including git files. Upload the release to
for [stage]( The tar file, signature, KEY
and SHA256 checksum file should be included. MD5 is no longer used. Policy is [here](
       * apache-singa-VERSION.tar.gz
       * KEY
       * XX.acs
       * .SHA256
   - [ ] Call for vote by sending an email
       Subject: [VOTE] Release apache-singa-X.Y.Z (release candidate N)
       Hi all,
       I have created a build for Apache SINGA X.Y.Z, release candidate N.
       The artifacts to be voted on are located here:  xxxx
       The hashes of the artifacts are as follows: xxx
       Release artifacts are signed with the following key: xxx
       Please vote on releasing this package. The vote is open for at least 72 hours and passes
if a majority of at least three +1 votes are cast.
      [ ] +1 Release this package as Apache SINGA X.Y.Z
      [ ] 0 I don't feel strongly about it, but I'm okay with the release
      [ ] -1 Do not release this package because...
      Here is my vote:
   - [ ] Wait at least 48 hours for test responses. Any PMC, committer or contributor can
test features for releasing, and feedback. Everyone should check these before vote +1. If
the vote passes, then send the result email. Otherwise, repeat from the beginning.
       Subject: [RESULT] [VOTE] Release apache-singa-X.Y.Z (release candidate N)
       Thanks to everyone who has voted and given their comments. The tally is as follows.
       N binding +1s:
       N non-binding +1s:
       No 0s or -1s.
        I am delighted to announce that the proposal to release Apache SINGA X.Y.Zhas passed.
   - [ ] Upload the package for [distribution](
   - [ ] Update the Download page of SINGA website. The tar.gz file MUST be downloaded from
mirror, using closer.cgi script; other artifacts MUST be downloaded from main Apache site.
More details [here]( Some feedback
we got during the previous releases:  "Download pages must only link to formal releases, so
must not include links to GitHub.",  "Links to KEYS, sigs and hashes must not use;
instead use;", "Also you only need one KEYS link, and
there should be a description of how to use KEYS + sig or hash to verify the downloads."
   - [ ] Remove the RC tag and compile the conda packages.
   - [ ] Publish the release information. 
       Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache SINGA X.Y.Z released
       We are pleased to announce that SINGA X.Y.Z is released.
       SINGA is a general distributed deep learning platform for training big deep learning
models over large datasets. 
       The release is available at:
       The main features of this release include XXX
       We look forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions, and contributions to the project.
       On behalf of the SINGA team, {SINGA Team Member Name}

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