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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [singa] joddiy edited a comment on issue #691: Add save and load method for Module class
Date Sat, 16 May 2020 08:27:00 GMT

joddiy edited a comment on issue #691:

   # handle ONNX 
   def to_onnx(model):
       return a onnx model 
   class SONNXModel(Module):
       def __init__(self, onnx_mode): 
           singa_rep = sonnx.prepare(onnx_model) # will update the prepare function to remove
device and batchsize
           for layer_name, layer in singa_rep.layers:
               self.__dict__[layer_name] = layer
           # store weights here as numpy
           for weith_name, weight in singa_rep.weights:
               self.weights[weith_name] = weight
           # store layer info such as input and output name(only weights)
           for layer_name, layer_info in singa_rep.layer_infos:
               self.layer_infos[layer_name] = layer_info
       def forward(self, aux_output):
           # run forward according to onnx graph 
           return the last output + aux_output
       def compile(self, inputs, is_train, use_graph, graph_alg)
           # init weights
           super.compile(self, inputs, is_train, use_graph, graph_alg)
           # set weights' value
           for layer_name, layer in self.__dict__:
               input_info, output_info = self.layer_infos[layer_name]
               for input_name in input_info:
                   layer.set_weight(self.weights[input_name])   ** remember to release self.weights
to free memory.
   class MyModel(SONNXModel):
        def __init__(self, onnx):
             self.layer1 = Conv()
             self.layer2 = Conv()
        def forward(self, x):
              x1, x2 = super.forward(x, aux_output)
              x = self.layer1.forward(x2)
              return self.layer2.forward(x1) + x
         def train_one_batch(self, x, y):
              y_ = self.forward(x)
   ox = onnx.load(fpath)
   x = Placeholder((2, 3), device = gpu, dtype=singa.float) # alias of Tensor
   m = MyModel(ox)
   # compatible with existing code which does not have the following two statements.
   m.compile([x], is_train=True, use_graph=True, graph_alg='sequence')
   y = Placeholder((2,), device = gpu)
   for npx, npy in data:
      m.train_one_batch(x, y)  # build the graph in the first iter.  For the old code, the
params are initialized here.
   update code with the comments with `**`
   And I need to update the current `SingaBackend` and `SingabackendRep`, in the `SingaBackend`,
we won't create tensors, we only create layers and store the weights as numpy array. We postpone
the tensor creation to `` to make this API be uniform with the above API.

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